New York Times: ‘Deep State Contains Really Impressive, Principled People’

Fact checked
New York Times author claims the Deep State are impressive

The New York Times has gone from calling the deep state a “conspiracy” to not only admitting it’s real but cheerleading its existence.

“One side lesson from this inquiry is that the Deep State contains some really impressive, principled people,” NYT columnist Paul Krugman wrote on Twitter. “Which is why Trump hates it so much.”

Information Liberation reports: The Times ran an article in October saying “the deep state is alive and well” and here to “rescue the Republic” from Trump.

Two years earlier, they ran an article saying Trump was fighting a deep state “that doesn’t exist.”

We’re supposed to be delighted that we have a thoroughly unimpressive shadow government ensuring the prog-globalist agenda marches on unimpeded no matter who we vote into office.