New York Times Demands Ad Networks ‘Ban Independent Media’

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New York Times CEO Mark Thompson calls on ad networks to ban independent media outlets

New York Times CEO, Mark Thompson, has urged advertising networks to cease funding all forms of independent media outlets, claiming that they are guilty of spreading “fake news”.

Speaking to the Detroit Economic Club, Mark Thompson urged advertising networks to starve all forms of alternative media and independent news websites of cash, thus causing them to disappear from the Internet altogether.

As for the digital giants, I believe they need to think hard about transparency and accountability. Their ad tech and ad networks help make fake news so lucrative – here too they need to help the whole industry cut off the advertising revenue which enables the fake sites to flourish,” Thompson said. reports:

He continued, “These great, profoundly creative enterprises like to think of themselves as engines of progress, capable of bringing people together and making the world a better place. One can applaud that and still believe, in the matter of their handling of news, and especially fake and distorted news, that they are inadvertently enabling malign and destructive forces and that, unless they do something, they – and we – will pay a heavy price for it.”

Make no mistake, this isn’t some milk toast call to ban ad networks on obvious fake news websites.

When you have dozens of media outlets declaring multiple alternative news outlets as fake news one can easily deduct that this call is for directly shutting down real news outlets that report information from outside the establishment bubble.

Remember, the New York Times itself has published countless stories that could easily be dubbed fake news. From Saddam’s phantom weapons of mass destruction to sitting on what would have been groundbreaking information on NSA spying, the Times has a history of reporting for and helping the globalist establishment.

At this point it is extremely important that supporters of the real alternative media stand up and loudly declare that they will not allow their favorite news outlets to be censored and or destroyed through lack of revenue.

This is absolutely an information war and instead of reporting the truth, the corporate media is now taking the position that those that do should be shut down.


  1. He was CEO of the propaganda arm of the British State and is now one leading one of the triumvirate of US print propaganda, of course he’d say that. This is very underhand and we should have nothing but contempt for him.

  2. I think we should ban main stre media for 50 years if lies. I will never buy a paper or subscribe or read any of the bs anymore. I have drawn my line in the sand time for all the other intellectual people out there to do the same.

  3. Mark Thomson doing what politians want you to do rather than doing what you are supposed to be doing as a journalist. Shameful. You are so embedded you don’t know what the truth is anymore.

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