Newborn Girl Left To Die – Found In Dumpster Covered With Ants, Plastic Bags & Leaves

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Her parents left her to die because she was girl

A newborn baby girl was left to die in a dumpster by her family in India as the parents were expecting a male child.

A newborn baby was discovered in a local dumpster in India, covered with leaves and ants; she was left there to die by her ungrateful parents.

The local authorities believe that the baby girl was dumped by her parents who were hoping give birth to a male child. When the parents found out they had a girl, they decided to throw her in the dumpster due to the fact that male children are given priority in India, as it is believed that they will take care of their parents when they grow old.

The good news is that she is now in a local hospital and is being taken care of. The baby was discovered by a tea stall owner in Bhopal, a city located almost in the centre of India.

Her hero, Dheeraj Rathore said that as he was passing through the street he heard cries of a baby and when he approached the dumpster he found the girls head sticking out of the garbage, surrounded by plastic bags, covered in ants and leaves.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – Dheeraj Rathore, who runs a tea stall, heard the baby cry from a bin in some bushes in Bhopal in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Like any decent human being, Rathore was sickened at seeing the horrendous site.

With help from his friends Rathore cleaned the insects and the dirt off the infant’s body and rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she is now fighting for her life.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – Pictures from the hospital shows the little girl’s body covered in marks.

According to medical reports, the child is only 3.5 pounds, which is roughly 1.58 kilograms.

The hospital staff have also confirmed that she has multiple bruises and injuries all over her body, leading police to believe that she was a victim of physical abuse.

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