South Dakota Bans ‘Un-American’, ‘Freedom-Restricting’ Vaccine Passports

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South Dakota

South Dakota has become the latest US state to officially ban vaccine passports.

Republican Governor Kristi Noem condemning the passports as “un-American” and “freedom-restricting.”

She said: “we are not going to restrict freedom with un-American policies like vaccine passports

Noem announced that she had signed an executive order banning “government-instituted” vaccine passports throughout the entirety of South Dakota, in a statement issued on Wednesday,

“Since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have provided South Dakotans with up-to-date science, facts, and data and then trusted them to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved-ones,” Noem said, claiming that South Dakota is now “stronger” for having resisted government mandates during the pandemic.

RT reports: According to the executive order, no “state agency, department, board, commission, or other executive branch entity or official under direct control of the Governor shall require an individual to present a COVID-19 vaccine passport” to enter a government building or do business with the state. Nor should any agency, commission, or local government order a private business to mandate vaccine passports, the executive order said.

South Dakota joins several other states, including Florida, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and Utah, which have also banned mandatory vaccine passports.

Though some of the states allow private businesses to implement their own vaccine requirements for customers, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued his own executive order banning businesses from asking customers for their vaccination status earlier this month.

DeSantis argued that vaccine passports “would create two classes of citizens,” and that a total ban is “necessary to protect the fundamental rights and privacies of Floridians and the free flow of commerce within the state.”

New York and Hawaii have both decided to launch a vaccine passport system, while internationally, Israel implemented its own system in March. The UK is also planning to introduce vaccine passports in the coming months, despite criticism and a petition against the idea receiving nearly 350,000 signatures.


  1. They havent done a single thing about any ot those petitions The only ones who get ane attention are ones who want to help them destroy anerica so they can reset it Into their desired image Back under their Power. Autocratic Basically ultimately as if Egypt The whole world And then they will put the Cao stones in all those pyramids sticking around the place next to the sun dials waiting in anticipation. And the egyptians owned nothing and were happy with their loaif of bread for their days labour building palaces for their beloved pharoahs to die in

    • Only by sinking the Bank of England and the City of London. Everything comes from the law first ,and the law comes from tbe Temple Bar in London, and banking second and that is controlled by the Board of Directors of the Bank of England .And London is nit English Its its own City State .And the Morality for Law comes from the Pope as a legal resident of the Vatican State . Two States rule the world really .And they together run Washington DC ,from where they control their barracks .That’s why Trumps out .

      • People forget ,or were never told, that when Lenin took over all if Russia as rhe most industrialised and wealthiest nation on earth almost, a they did was get a bunch of reds to drag a cannon onto Nevsky plaza and fire a single cannon shot ,at the Cathedral I think and send a note demanding the government step aside or else .It was that simple The government ,all bribed ,so ordinary , obliged and then, possession being 9 tenths of the law rhe new occupants of the building became the new government .Its that simple No one obviously told Trump .Or at least you would have to think he didnt know at any rate or else never trust anyone .

  2. Meanwhile Australia’s government becomes more totalitarian Now the fed has decided the states arent allowed to make any decisions that they dont approve .And the richest State has set itself up as “infallible ” by making itself immune to prosecution for anything it does Dangerous times .

    • In other words a more communist style of government Centralised totalitarian being set up by them as ” do gooders ” fighting communism Actually setting up.the basis for facilitating a communist takeover .

      • And whilst the whole marketing image lures more migrants to flock ,like galas, to the land of milk and honey they’re blissfully kept ignorant of the fundamental facts of the matter Now not only a centralised government dictating to the States but one that promotes annimage to the world which belies totally the truth that Australia is now at its mist historic levels of debt ever and Aussies now the MOST INDEBTED people in the planet No other people have rhe sale levels of personal debt as Aussies whilst migrants come running thinking they’re going to bag a bargain.Illusion versus reality .

        • The perfect prelude to economic chaos facilitating a communist revolution Always about ten years behind Anerica ..But this global reset might see them catch up very soon .Something like 80 % of homeowners dont own their homes, from memory ,many because theyve remortgage to finance investment property but if inflation spikes and tenants ca t pay rents ,have to move in with family or double up and things like that a huge collapse could occur easily manipulated by raising food prices health insurance car registrations home insurances so that theres a huge disincentive for investors to but and a massive need for owners to sell .Complete chaos .

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