Tony Blair Claims It Is Possible To Vaccinate The Whole World By End Of Year

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Tony Blair

Tony Blair has warned that the whole world must get vaccinated “fast” before the vaccine-resistant mutations occur and believes it’s possible to get it done in just eight months.

Blair has also been urging UK prime minister Boris Johnson to launch a major publicity blitz to boost the vaccine take-up rates and allay fears about side-effects.

Breitbart reports: After failing to stop Brexit, the former Labour prime minister has sought to reinvent himself this year as a leading figure in Britain’s Chinese coronavirus response, reportedly advising the health secretary on the government’s proposals. He also called for “radically accelerated” plans on “health passports” from late December, just weeks after the UK approved its first vaccine.

Mr Blair has now set his sights on the whole world being vaccinated, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday: “The single biggest risk we have right now is not the absence of vaccination in the UK, because we’re doing well on vaccination. The single biggest risk we have is that unless the world gets vaccinated fast, then we run the risk of further mutations and getting a mutation eventually that we find the vaccines aren’t effective against.”

“We [the Tony Blair Institute] will produce a report in the next few weeks showing how we could, if the world got its act together, vaccinate the entire world in 2021 — really ambitious, but it’s really necessary,” Blair added.

The globalist-progressive former leader has claimed in recent months that the Chinese virus could “be with us probably for some years” and had pushed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to use the UK’s leadership of the G7 to create a “Global Covid Travel Pass”, alleging on the matter that “the UK faces a choice: lead or be led.”

As Britain prepared to unveil plans for releasing lockdown following a successful vaccination campaign, Blair’s think tank, the Tony Blair Institute, insisted in February that Johnson retain the tiered system, allowing for “both regional and local variation in restrictions” rather than the government’s nationwide measures.

Despite his irrelevancy in matters related to the UK’s association with the EU, Mr Blair has managed to find a reason to tie his favourite topic of Brexit into his new passion of mass vaccination, in blaming the UK’s exit from the bloc for Europe’s failed inoculation programme.


  1. They will.give him millions for that blurb. He will probably become Sir Tony care Bear Blair .Cherie will be tickled It will si appeal to her Catholic pecadiloes.

  2. People are getting sick just be being around someone with the jab. We need to make the difficult choice now. We need to exterminate anyone who has gotten the jab. They are a threat to our existence. It really is us or them.

  3. Most sociologists know roughly 55% of the global population will voluntarily take the vaccine, but that is not good enough to meet the end goal, which is why WEF leaders are spending billions on ad campaigns trying to manipulate those who refuse. This may be voluntary for now, but it is quickly becoming mandatory. UC and Cal State Universities are going to mandate vaccination or no education. Delta Airlines is about to mandate no unvaccinated to travel internationally, then it will be mandated for all travel. It starts here, then ends up with no admission to concerts or clubs until eventually compliance officers and their goons come to your home and force vaccinate you and your family… depending on where you live. I never bought into the Biblical “Mark of the Beast” thing, but now I am not so sure. Anyone who thinks this is a game better wake the F up, because it isn’t.

  4. Blair is a sickening Globalist satan worshipper, these elites goal is population reduction on a massive scale. They make no secret that they loath us commoners.

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