Nigel Farage: They Are Going To Reverse Brexit

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Nigel Farage warns the Brexit will be reversed

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has warned that the elite are now planning to reverse Brexit and keep Britain part of the European Union.

According to Farage, Friday’s election results have paved the way for the political class to potentially overturn the 2016 referendum result. Something Farage says he will not let them get away with. reports: Asked if he would make a comeback to frontline politics if Brexit is at risk, he said: “I would have absolutely no choice but to do exactly that.

“What’s remarkable about Corbyn’s achievement is he’s getting Remainers in London voting for him but he’s getting Ukip voters around the rest of the country too.”

The 53-year-old said that he thinks the timetable for Brexit is likely to be pushed back after Mrs May failed to secure a majority, her sole reason for calling the snap election.

He said: “When Corbyn said they would end free movement, when he said that under Labour would leave, he boxed off Brexit as an issue for Ukip voters.

“The shock we are seeing here tonight is all about personality. What Theresa May tried to do was be the establishment figure.

“Corbyn I thought looked comfortable in his own skin. He seemed to be enjoying it. I actually thought the Prime Minister looked robotic.”

With just 100 constituencies left to declare, Ukip’s future hangs in the balance with voters who backed the party in 2015 turning to Labour and the Conservatives instead.

Ukip’s vote share dropped by almost 11 per cent, a huge turn in fortune for the party that played a huge role in securing Britain’s EU exit less than a year ago.


  1. I wish Nigel wouldn’t be so inconsistent! He [possibly] thought that he had truly done enough once the referendum was won, and after all the pressures of campaigning, whilst attending to his E.U. roles, he quit leaving the UKIP party in a real mess! He knew it was, and had said so, but he didn’t stay to sort it out. Many say that they – THE EXECUTIVE! – forced him out, and I do wonder about that. [Could they have?] But now, with the party in the doldrums and losing members – by the hundred apparently – he hints that he might return! WHY? What can he mend that he himself helped to break? [YET WITHOUT HIM, HOW CAN UKIP SURVIVE?]

  2. Nigel it was YOU the nation were backing when Brexit was the issue and as soon as you stepped down as leader for UKIP it was like the death of the party. It’s YOU that the people want as the leader of their country not those other 2 DOLTS. Come on Nigel show the British people what a true patriot you are and once again “STEP INTO THE BREACH”

  3. This is old news, from the early hours of the GE count. I reckon Nigel must have had a few ales; he certainly sounds like it! Load of rubbish about Brexit being reversed; there are still too many traitors who want to cut UK off from EU welfare etc. Regulations and hand UK over to the Tory rich and the foreign property investors who want a low-wage, low tax (for the rich) tax haven. Pound has sunk; staff for health service pulling up and going to work on the US or Australia; school funding cut, …. etc. It’s just the start of Br(itain as a power)exit.

  4. There isn’t going to be a Brexit, there are far too many treacherous bastards beavering away to derail it, the UK is well and truly fuc*ed.

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