Nikki Haley Is Back With Plans To ‘Keep America Safe, Strong & Prosperous’

Fact checked

Nikki Haley has resurfaced claiming she will never stop standing up for America’s freedom and values. 

Haley, who stepped down as the US envoy to the UN at the end of last year. has created and launched a new policy group called  ‘Stand for America’,  to oppose socialism and term limits at home, and Russia, China and Iran abroad.

RT reports: The former UN ambassador and Kissinger protégé announced her new project in a tweet, promising to “focus on how to keep our country safe, strong, and prosperous” and linking to a website where visitors could join “Team SFA,” pick their favorite issue, and even contribute – because where would a campaign website – er, policy institute – be without a space to enter credit card details?

Haley insisted she is not running in 2020 or 2024 in a Monday interview with the Washington Post, claiming she will be involved in the Trump/Pence 2020 reelection effort in some way. Stand for America is classified as a social welfare group – meaning it cannot endorse candidates, raise money for her own political use, or make political donations – and she even told the Post her group will “back Democratic proposals” when they “help the debate.”

Still, the neocon darling’s chosen slate of domestic issues like “American culture” and “border security and public safety” along with a trendy jab at “socialism” and the obligatory reference to “international dangers” Russia, China, and Iran seemed designed to appeal to the broadest cross-section of Republican voters, and many of her fans certainly saw the move as a bid to position her future presidential campaign.


  1. Haley was anti-Trump before he gave her the highly-visible UN job. She was the first governor to bow to the groups that destroyed Confederate monuments. I don’t quite trust her.

  2. ‘Stand for America’, to oppose socialism and term limits at home, and Russia, China and Iran abroad.
    So she is AGAINST term limits at home (USA)???????

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