Noel Edmonds Moves To The Home Of Conspiracy Theorist David Icke

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TV personality Noel Edmunds is rumours to be giving up his lifestyle to move into the home of conspiracy theorist David Icke

In a huge surprise to his family and friends, Noel Edmonds is leaving his Grade-II listed country house in Gloucestershire and moving to the Isle of Wight – and Your News Wire can exclusively reveal that he is moving to be closer to his mentor David Icke.

The Deal Or No Deal host said in a new radio interview that he is ‘tired of the TV lifestyle and all the nonsense that comes along with it‘ and is looking for a positive change in life. ‘Listen, I’m not retiring, I’m just looking for a positive change in life and I think I’ve found that in the Isle of Wight.’

However Your News Wire can exclusively reveal that Edmonds is leaving Gloucestershire and moving to the Isle of Wight because David Icke wants him to take over his mantle as Britain’s premiere conspiracy theoretician.

A former insider who worked with David Icke for nearly 10 years said that Icke regularly receives phone calls from Edmonds, with Icke offering the TV star advice on how to navigate the maze of conspiracy theories.

A typical phone conversation involves Icke talking at length and Edmonds listening. The quiz show host is said to be in awe of Icke, to the point of wanting to live closer to him, and is now taking instructions from the conspiracy theorist.

Edmonds courted controversy last week when he tweeted to a cancer patient: ‘Is it ­possible your ill-health is caused by your negative attitude?’  He then appeared on ITV’s This Morning only to create more controversy when he was accused of attempting to sell his long-time friend’s cancer therapy product, EMP pad’s cancer cure box.

David Icke then launched a passionate defence of his protege Edmonds, posting online a 41 minute videocast called See What Happens When You Step Out The Box, Noel?

Now that Edmonds is taking instructions from Icke and is moving to his guru’s home town, what plans does the veteran conspiracy theorist have in store for the Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old presenter?

Icke, who is rumored to be retiring after a series of intimate shows around the world later this year, might be looking to pass the baton to somebody who can reach an even wider audience. An insider says that since 2014, Icke has been winding down, as is evidenced by his decreased output, the reduced visitor numbers on his site and ticket sales.

David has been encouraging Noel to give up mainstream TV for good and dedicate himself full time to conspiracy theory.

He wants somebody else to take the baton so he and his family can enjoy retirement and enjoy the fruits of his hard labor over the years.’

With rumours that Noel Edmonds will be joining David Icke on his world tour later this year, will we get to see the master and his apprentice doing a ‘non-comply dance’ together soon?

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