North Korea Calls The Souths Leader A ‘Crazy Old Bitch’

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North Korea Calls The Souths Leader A ‘Crazy Old Bitch'

There was fury in Seoul after North Korea took the war on words to a new level calling the South’s president a “crazy old bitch.”

The remarks from Pyongyang came in response to President Park Geun-hye calling Kim Jong-un’s rule in the North an “extreme reign of terror.”

Seoul’s Unification Ministry said on Sunday: “We express strong regret over… the North’s personal attacks that targeted our head of state with such base, vulgar language”

RT reports:

The latest headlines in the Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of North Korea’s ruling communist party, described 64-year-old South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye as a “murderous devil.”

However, the mouthpiece of the party went even further, sliding into personal and sexist assaults, according to AFP.

“This tailless crazy old bitch called Park Geun-hye is heaping further misery on our people, already suffering from the tragedy of division,” one article said.

The diatribe was strongly worded even by the standards of North Korea’s normally florid anti-South propaganda.

Other appellations included that “senile old woman” seeking to topple the North’s government with her recent moves to punish Pyongyang.

Last Monday, President Park addressed parliament and said North Korea’s regime would fall. She described her counterpart in Pyongyang as “merciless,” and that he keeps his people under an “extreme reign of terror,” referring to previous executions of top military and party officials.

She also told lawmakers that Seoul would instigate “stronger and more effective” measures in such a way that North Korea comes realize that its nuclear developments will only speed up the “regime’s collapse.”

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