North Korea: “Rabid Dog” Joe Biden “Must Be Put to Death”

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North Korea calls Joe Biden a 'rabid dog' who 'must be put to death'

North Korea has blasted 2020 hopeful Joe Biden, declaring him a “rabid dog” who “must be put to death.”

While it remains unclear what provoked Friday’s statement, Biden has been critical of President Trump’s summitry with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un in the past.

The state-run KCNA news agency warned the former vice president was exhibiting signs of “the final stages of dementia,” stating that the “time has come for him to depart his life.”

“Such a guy had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK,” KCNA said.

“It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death.”

“Rabid dogs like Baiden [sic] can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late.” reports: The attack was just the latest swipe by the DPRK against foreign and political leaders it sees as hostile to the North’s leadership. 

At a campaign rally in Philadelphia in May, Biden accused Trump of ’embracing dictators and tyrants like Putin and Kim Jong-un’.  

In contrast, the state has credited a ‘close personal relationship’ between Kim and Trump for saving ties between their countries from a destructive pattern of hostility.

The leaders have met three times to discuss improving ties and ending the North’s nuclear weapons program.

Trump backed a previous personal attack on Biden by North Korea, after the DPRK called the presidential candidate ‘a low IQ idiot’ and saying his ‘candidacy should not carry high expectations.’

Trump dismissed criticism that he was siding with a foreign dictator over a fellow American.

Biden has previously accused Trump of cozying up to ‘dictators and tyrants’ and has been highly critical of his summitry with Kim, calling the meetings ‘three made-for-TV summits.’ 

South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency speculated that North Korea by insulting Biden was trying to appeal to Trump, who has continued to describe his personal relationship with Kim as good despite a stalemate in nuclear negotiations over disagreements in exchanging sanctions relief and disarmament steps.

Biden, especially at campaign fundraisers, laments Trump’s embrace of authoritarian foreign leaders. He has specifically named Kim and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, calling the pair ‘thugs’ and sometimes detailing Kim´s human rights abuses and attacks against dissenters.

‘It’s becoming more and more obvious that repugnant dictators, as well as those who admire and ‘love’ them, find Joe Biden threatening,’ said Andrew Bates, a Biden campaign spokesman. ‘That’s because he’d restore American leadership in the world on day one by putting our security, interests and values at the heart of our foreign policy.’

Even while North Korea has praised Trump, it criticized members of his administration seen as holding a hard line against North Korea, such as former national security adviser John Bolton. 

Last week, it called Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe an ‘idiot and villain’ after he criticized a North Korean weapons test.

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  1. Remember all the people who said Trump would start WWIII with North Korea?
    Where are you now with candidate Quid Pro Joe?

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