Drone Footage Shows North Korea Completely Evacuated

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Drone footage reveals North Korea to be completely evacuated

North Korea has evacuated capital city Pyongyang in preparation for an all-out nuclear confrontation with the West.

Recent drone footage captured by a Singaporean pilot shows every single part of the city completely empty.

Disclose.tv reports: It wasn’t just in the city center, the footage, from pilot Aram Pan, shows that rural areas surrounding the city are also abandoned.

North Korea’s latest missile attacks have put the world on edge, and Pyongyang would be a likely target if the bombs dropped.

The tyrant Kim Jong Un fired an ICBM just recently over Japan and into the Ocean.

And he detonated a nuclear hydrogen bomb so massive that it managed to trigger a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, and was felt as far away as China.

This would not be the first time the Hermit Kingdom has evacuated its capital in the face of war. This past April, Pravda Report, a Russian paper, claimed the dictator ordered the evacuation of 600,000 as he prepared to fire another missile. Given this history, it is entirely possible that the current evacuation signals another strike.

The rumored evacuation order could also have been at least partially sparked by President Trump’s latest speech, in which he spoke of military options against North Korean aggression.


Although the billionaire American president has continued to push for a diplomatic solution, he has not been very successful so far, and he has clarified that he has not ruled out launching a military strike on North Korea.

With tensions rising, South Korean, as well as American, troops have launched military drills simulating an attack on the North over the past few weeks.

Kim Jong Un is known for not responding to Western diplomacy, and it seems that this will continue to be the case. As any negotiations break down, it becomes increasingly likely that the Korean War, long held in a stalemate, will reignite. The United Nations has not been able to reason with Un, and American diplomacy appears to be moving towards military intervention. Kim Jong Un is known for his icy resolve, even executing his uncle several years ago, and does not appear to be backing down.


  1. China and Russia are Iran’s and the Nork’s biggest economic partners and source of military aid, but say they alone can’t compel Dear Leader to end its nuclear and missile programs.

    I disagree! Russian, China, Pakistan and Iran have all shared nuclear technology with North Korea for decades. North Korea is their primary creation, …er, their abortion actually.

    >> Ambassador Nikki Haley, This is what needs to be said at the UN!

    Any nuclear or biological missile attack by North Korea SHALL be considered a direct attack by Russian, China, Pakistan and/or Iran subject to a full retaliatory response by the United States at a location, time and method of our choice.

    >> Ambassador Nikki Haley will never say it, but Steve Bannon would.

  2. Let’s make North Korea, Communist China’s problem to solve!

    Revoke Communist China’s MFN (Most Favored Nation) trade status and ban ALL trade with them until they disarm North Korea and jail dear dwarf leader.

    Communist China is an unfair trading partner that has manipulated its currency for the last 20 years. MFN created the trade deficit that threatens to bankrupt our nation.

    The Korean war ended in TRUCE after President Truman failed to back up MacArthur and nuke Communist China. All parties are still technically at war. We in effect made Communist China and North Korea what they are today. We fought Communist China on the ground and Russian pilots in the air. That sorta redefines it as a mini WWIII historically now doesn’t it?

    Our country did not trade with Nazi Germany and Japan while we were at war. Ironic that it’s happening with Communist China during the “TRUCE”, yes?

    Yet our patriotic corporations greedily fall all over themselves to use Communist China’s MFN trade status bestowed by our Government to the detriment of our country and our children’s future.

    Bill Clinton’s administration worked to bring China into the newly created World Trade Organization and to put unconditional MFN treatment for China on a permanent basis. This culminated in an agreement of 15 November 1999 to make China a full member of the WTO.

    ……………….Ki|| Bi||’s Error!

  3. Bullshit story.. the thing is too high to be able to see anything.. and the city looks more like one of the Chinese cities that has been built but sits empty.. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS..

  4. The video is dated to May, 2016 as seen in the video description on YouTube. Bullshit story, the city is always deserted!

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