Tony Blair Tells Brits ‘Its Your Civic Duty To Get Jabbed’

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Tony Blair

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has claimed that getting vaccinated is a ‘civic duty’ for Brits.

According to the war criminal, the UK should be administering at least 500,000 covid booster shots every day.

Blair made his remarks on Thursday after his foundation, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, published a paper calling for an acceleration to the administration of boosters and pushing for the vaccination of children and pregnant women.

Breitbart reports: Speaking to Sky News’s Kay Burley on Thursday, Mr Blair said that the government should be publishing the data on vaccination and its link to public health, claiming: “Your failure to get vaccinated doesn’t just put you at risk… it’s also other people.”

“I understand people’s objections, but at some point, you have to say to people: the evidence is crystal clear. There’s no serious person disputing [the effectiveness of vaccination]. To get vaccinated is almost part of your civic duty.”

The former Labour leader also quoted recommendations from his institute’s paper “Boosting the UK’s Covid Measures: How to Go Further, Faster and Protect the NHS”, saying that the Conservative government should “accelerate” the booster programme, noting that “we’re doing about 165, 000 a day. We think you need to take that up to 500,000 and you could do that if you put in place the right mechanisms.”

“We need to accelerate the vaccination of children. We’re falling quite far behind, now, France, Italy, and Germany in the vaccination of 12- to 17-year-olds,” Blair told Ms Burley.

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change also recommended that the government “make approving vaccination for under-12s a priority” and do more to encourage pregnant women to be vaccinated.

Boris Johnson’s government should also “go further in encouraging mask-wearing”, according to the report, saying that the prime minister should “reinstate mandatory face coverings for crowded indoor public spaces”.

The NHS Confederation and British Medical Association have been pressuring the government in recent days to trigger Plan B of the Winter response to the pandemic, which would include a return to mask mandates on public transport and enclosed public spaces such as supermarkets, to ‘save’ the NHS. Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Wednesday evening, however, that restrictions would not be returning, for now.

Plan B could also see the introduction of domestic vaccine passports for entry to large venues with mass gatherings such as nightclubs and sports stadiums, a move that Tony Blair’s institute says needs to be “urgently explore[d]”.

“Urgently explore the option of introducing a Covid Pass, drawing on best practice from countries currently using one, to ensure everyone attending a mass event has been fully vaccinated or at least received a recent negative test,” the recommendations say.

Mr Blair is an early and frequent proponent of vaccine passports, for domestic use and for international travel, saying in January that Britain should use its term as leader of the G7 to create a “Global Covid Travel Pass”.

Writing last month of his support from a domestic vaccine passport, Mr Blair: “A viable Covid Pass, displaying both rapid testing and vaccine status, would mean that, even with higher case numbers, a person free of the virus would be free to move around in public.”

Blair has said before several times that the vaccinated should enjoy greater freedoms than the unvaccinated.


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  1. I don’t think so As a Anglican Kingdom, with your ministries under the Crown placed from God alone as your source of legal power then it’s your civic duty to remind everyone that God gave Man free will. For a reason. Not for fun, but for a reason which over rides your sense if civic “duty” We have inly one duty and that is to love God and part of that us not to listen to false prophets or be idilayors of images of something or other, or to listen to people who have no business telling any if us anything at all.

  2. It would be a much greater duty for the Brits to definitely rid their country of mega-scumbag-war-profiteer T.Blair and his ilks.
    But I’m afraid a nation gets the leaders it deserves….

  3. Know satan and his lackeys=the psychopaths on earth, by the way they want total control and enslavement of everyone.
    People of God who have souls respect everyone’s right to free Will=God gives us free will. He does not deny us free will.
    Once you become a psychopath=Freemason, as do all the elite, you must worship Lucifer and deny Christ.
    Then you start devolving backwards into a demon, into the image and likeness of Satan. You can no longer have any free will and you will like Tony Blair, do the will of your father Satan, alone, you will become the complete slave and servant of Lucifer. You will never have your own mind or any free will ever. All psychopaths belong to the hive mind of Lucifer in Hell and will devolve by doing so into a demon in Hell to exist there for all eternity, outside of any connection to God whatsoever, hopeless forever. They have superficial wealth and power and status as the Elite, but in truth they are the most miserable and unfortunate once humans that exist outside of Hell itself. They are using covid lies and 5G and Vaccines with nano chips to dow the same to everyone. Lucifer wants to take you ALL from God=that is his only Goal what he uses the scum like Tony Blair to do for him. God is wants the opposite=that every one of you with souls to be saved and get to heaven before the end which is coming now with the Mark of the beast=the next thing they will force on us=lying it is: “for our own good”. These “elite” and world “leaders/Freemasons serve Lucifer and HATE all of you and want to destroy your souls and your birthright as children of God to enjoy everlasting life in Heaven. That is all that they want. They won’t admit it but if you can’t figure out they are lying, Adam and Eve, the Serpent has you and Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross is for NOTHING. God loves you. LOVE GOD, PRAY, save your souls. Recognize the evil serpents/demons/psychopaths for who they are. Return to God and do his will alone. That photo of him is worth a thousand words=look at them=they have no souls and are MISERABLE, Hate-filled, Godless and demonic spokespersons of the DEVIL.

  4. the elites have the dirt on him from the panama papers, he has to be a vaccine cheerleader for them or else, it is to prison for him.

  5. Shouldn’t a medical professional be talking about this? but they get this political criminal to convince pregnant women to get an experimental vaccine for a disease that is barely fatal? with a vaccine that doesn’t even work? and you need three injections and they still don’t work?
    Something is way off about this whole program.

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