Democrat Mayor Who Organized ‘No Whites’ Christmas Party Is Married to a White Man

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Democrat mayor who organized no whites Christmas party exposed as being married to a white man.

The Democratic Boston Mayor who organized a ‘no whites’ Christmas party for “electeds of color” is married to a white man.

Michelle Wu’s invitation for an ‘Electeds of Color Holiday Party’ on December 13 was allegedly sent out in error by her aide, Denise DosSantos. reports: “DosSantos followed up the email 15 minutes later apologizing for the invite, clarifying that it was only meant for the city’s six councilors of color. The seven white council members were not welcome,” reports the Daily Mail.

Many responded on X by pointing out that Wu, who was elected as the city’s first female and first Asian American mayor in 2021, is married to a white man and has a child with him.

“Racist on the streets, colonized on the sheets,” joked one respondent.

DosSantos, who is a black woman, apologized for the leak becoming public, but did not apologize for organizing a racist party at which Boston’s seven white councilors would not have been welcome.

Outgoing City Councilor Frank Baker slammed Wu for engaging in “unfortunate” and “divisive” behavior.

However, black city councilor Brian Worrell defended Wu’s actions, asserting that it was an example of the Boston government representing “all kinds of specific groups.”

Except white people of course, the only racial group against which it’s still officially permissible to discriminate against.

So much for white privilege!

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