North Korean Border May Open For Marathon

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North korea border
North korea border

The Prize Marathon is to be held in Pyongyang- North Korea to mark the Day of the Sun.

According to The North Korean news agency, the North Korean border has been shut to foreign visitors since October 24 2014, in an effort to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

This measure has effectively shut down the North Korean tourism industry.

There are now strong indications that North Korea will reopen its borders to foreign visitors on April 1, following a statement issued by the Young Pioneer Tours (YPT).  The Beijing based tour company made the claim in a travel update on their website.

The marathon was originally scheduled to take place on April 12 but was cancelled for foreign amateur and professional runners due to the ongoing Ebola measures.

“We were told yesterday by our partners that there is no news or confirmation at all yet about when the border will reopen,” a source within the tourism industry told NK news on condition of anonymity.

“There are a lot of rumors flying around but various tourism officials have stated to a source of ours in Pyongyang that the rumors are not true and as of yet they don’t know when the border will reopen.”

The April 1 speculation follows the announcement on Monday that foreigners would not be able to take part in this years Pyongyang marathon, a major event in the North Korean tourism calendar and one that tour companies had been marketing heavily.

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