Russian Foreign Ministry Says ‘Americans Have Lost Touch With Reality’

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Russian ministry says americans have lost touch with reality

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that US Sanctions threats are not even worth responding to during an interview with RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin was asked about the possibility of Washington imposing harsh measures on the Russian energy and financial sectors, including additional sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that links the gas fields of Siberia to consumers in Germany.

He replied: “It’s long been clear to everyone that American legislators have lost touch with reality and are living in a kingdom of their own phobias regarding our country, churning out obscurantist plans to deter Russia on all fronts, with any justification or without one,”

Pankin then added “I don’t see the point in reacting to the Capitol’s routine initiatives about this. We can only repeat once more our regret about what has happened, and confirm that there will inevitably be negative consequences from the harsh restrictions laid on us by the Western initiators of such measures

RT reports: Asked whether Russia is prepared for the possibility of being cut off from the SWIFT banking system, which some American and European leaders have threatened if Moscow decides to invade Ukraine, Pankin said, “Our hope is that, as opposed to Washington’s completely unjustified movement towards the ‘sanction field’, reason will still prevail in Brussels and these measures will not happen, which would damage the stability of the international finance system itself, as well as global economic recovery and the possibility of fulfilling the [UN initiative] Sustainable Development Goals on time.”

Last month, the US Congress and the Biden administration announced that they were considering imposing unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia if it attacks Ukraine, including measures that could cause a stock market crash and financial pain for millions of families. Moscow has insisted that it has no plans to invade its neighbor, and has called for security agreements that would limit the activity of NATO, the US-led military bloc, in Eastern Europe.

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