Elon Musk Calls ‘Traditional’ Media A ‘Relentless Hatestream’ Of Negative News

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Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk questioned his 73 million twitter followers this week about why “traditional” media outlets pump out a “relentless hatestream” of negative news, before engaging with them on the topic.

Why is the “traditional” media such a relentless hatestream? Real question,” Musk tweeted on Monday.

RT reports: This post was quickly followed by another, clarifying the billionaire’s position.

Most news outlets attempt to answer the question: ‘What are the worst things happening on Earth today?’ It’s a big planet! Obviously, some bad things are happening somewhere at any given time, but focusing relentlessly on those does not give an accurate picture of reality,” he wrote.

Musk then engaged in debate with followers, disagreeing with one view that “negative news sells better,” pointing to some popular “citizen podcasts” which “aren’t negative.”

Maybe part of why traditional media outlets are so negative is because old habits die hard? They so rarely even try to be positive,” Musk added, sharing his frustration over the constant flow of the “news that makes one sad & angry.” 

The degree of Musk’s apparent disdain for traditional news media became known when he agreed with another commenter who said the target audience of most media was “the amygdala of the bottom 50% of humanity.

Sadly true,” the carmaker’s chief executive wrote.


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