NY Times: Whiteness Is a ‘Suicide Cult’ – Blackness Is a ‘Superpower’

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New York Times says whiteness is a cult while blackness is a superpower

The New York Times has hailed being black as akin to having a “superpower” while slamming ‘whiteness’ as being a ‘suicide cult.’

Two articles from the far-left newspaper make for an interesting contrast.

The first article from 2018, “The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult,” argued that white people stole everything they have and will destroy the planet.

Informationliberation.com reports: New York Times contributor Damon Young just a few weeks ago wrote a column for The Root stating that “whiteness is a pandemic” and “the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it.”

The second article from Friday, “When Blackness is a Superpower,” argued that black people stealing white comic book characters and recasting them as black will save the world.

One of the comics the Times highlighted features Harriet Tubman slaying white demons (see middle left).



In fact, the notion of Harriet Tubman as a superhero is a favorite subject of comic book fan art. She is also the subject of a graphic novel series by David Crownson, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

The slave catchers aren’t just evil: They’re vampires. Harriet Tubman doesn’t just defend the people she’s guiding to freedom; she wields katanas and wordplay to outwit and overcome the white men who see her and her people as mere chattel.

All of these heroes are, in their own way, fighting for an equality that seems ever elusive. For Spellman, the opportunity to write stories about Black superheroes is part of a concerted effort to tip the scales.

“I absolutely believe that this helps re-contextualize us in a more universal way,” he said. “If we are first and foremost perceived as less than, and I do believe that everybody on the planet looks at us that way, a superhero is greater than. That primal math, via a megaphone like Marvel — that’s powerful.”

Note how the Times has begun capitalizing “Black” but not “white.”

Demons can’t be afforded the same reverence as angels!


  1. No England was the nation that stole the Empire that the sun never set on Not Ireland or Norway or Latvia or anywhere else Not russia or China or Japan or Israel or Turkey or Persia. England .

  2. Truly ridiculous stuff. Black characters don’t sell, so they have to destroy White ones. Marxism can only destroy.

  3. If you’re a sane black person you had better get some honky friends before they decide to wake up to the communist agendas.

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