Claims Obama Stole Billions From DOJ Rock Congress – GOP Calling For Arrests

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The Obama administration is under investigation for funneling billions of dollars into a slush fund and distributing it to leftist activists.

The Obama administration is under investigation after it was revealed Thursday that billions of dollars of tax payer money was funneled into a shadowy Department of Justice slush fund and then distributed to a number of left wing activist groups.

Ed Henry, speaking on Fox News, saidRepublicans on the House Judiciary Committee are now digging in as we learn this morning that President Obama’s Justice Department handed out billions of dollars in your tax payer money to liberal outsider groups, leaving Republicans fuming.”

The question really may be is this just a new form of the so called ‘walking around money’ we used to hear about. Money being dispersed for political reasons in inner cities to try and turn out the vote.”

Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas, said the revelations leave Obama in very hot water. If the House Judiciary Committee takes this inquiry all the way, criminal charges will be filed.

Somebody ought to go to prison for this,” Huckabee said.  “This is worse than a mafia shakedown. At least if the mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn’t burn down. But this is a case where the liberals have played Robin Hood. They have stolen from the government, the tax payers, and they’ve given it to their pals.

Obama almost doubled the national debt

On January 20, 2009, when Obama was sworn in, the national debt was $10.626 trillion. On January 20, 2017, it was $19.947 trillion. Obama added $9 trillion to the debt, more than any other president.

Obama’s apologists claim the national debt is largely out of a President’s hands. They are currently having trouble explaining why the national debt fell for the first time in decades one month after he left office and President Trump took the reigns.

[US Debt Slashed By $12 Billion In President Trump’s First Month]

So who were these pals of Obama’s that got their hands on the stolen billions?

Some of the left wing activist organizations that benefitted from Obama’s secret DOJ slush fund include:

National Urban League

National Community Reinvestment Coalition

National Council of La Raza – a Latino advocacy organization that advocates in favor of progressive policy changes including immigration reform, a path to citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally, and reduced deportations.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Shet stinks, pursue and lock this felons ass up, followed by a civil forfeiture of all who profited from this scam.

  2. Well, we all know where him and his band of theives will be….. just 5 blocks away for the WH. Let them move in, get set up, then surround and raid the joint and lock them all down. For Good! Remember, BHO has penned a EO that allows the “President” to imprision anyone, foreign or domestic, as a terrorist, with NO due process!!!

    They can lock them up and toss the key!!!! Its too good for them though, each of them deserve to hang.

  3. Well, I sure hope SOMEBODY FINALLY GOES TO JAIL. But I wouldn’t bet on it. That is the corrupt world we live in. I am really looking forward to when Jesus comes back and sets it all right, then many many will go to jail (the lake of fire) where they belong. Time to get right with God at

  4. Get em’ Trump! That scum sucking cockroach Obuma needs to go down. Oh wait! He does that on a regular basis from what we hear. On other guys no less.

  5. The Democrats forced Flynn to resign, they are trying to force a Sessions resignation, but yet Obama’s and Hilary’s crimes don’t require arrest? Why isn’t the Trump admin taking any efforts to go after these criminals? Something stinks in all of this and it’s not panning out. Have we all been had? Is this just staged choreography to make it appear as Right vs Left, when in fact they are all in it together? An elaborate con job against the masses? Do your own research….

  6. In order to Arrest the Criminals, Trump has to do it right!! He has to get all duckies in a row!! Trump IS NOT LIKE any other before in the elected office, so everybody just needs to sit back and watch! There is a sequence to how it needs to be down, not to mention he needs to get all of his cabinet members in. The corruption knows they’re time is very short and jail awaits so they are dragging their feet trying to figure out a way to squash their fate coming. Trump is a master and a genius….God did not put him in this office to be just the POTUS. Trump IS THE HOUSE CLEANER…..DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! There is a harmony to it all and ONLY Trump can do it. We all need to be patient.

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