Obama Tells Americans to ‘STAY HOME’ for Foreseeable Future After Trump Says He Wants to Reopen Country by Easter

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Barack Obama tells Americans to stay home for the foreseeable future as Trump promises to reopen economy by easter

Barack Obama has urged Americans to stay at home for the foreseeable future, despite President Trump’s desire to reopen the country by easter.

The former president elbowed his way into the national conversation on Wednesday in what appears to be a rebuke to Trump’s remarks during a Fox News town hall.

“I would love to have [the country] open by Easter,” Trump said on Tuesday.

“It’s such an important day for other reasons.”

President Trump also tweeted that the cure cannot be harsher that the problem, suggesting he is gearing up to put Americans back to work very soon.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Obama should shut up and let President Trump lead the country during this pandemic.


  1. Oh sure Therught hand tells everyone to stay home and the right hand forces them into having to go to the shops everyday because of limits on daily purchases The shops have NEVER been so crowded ever before in my life and then they depend people keep social distancing? Mental as anything.

    • The left versus right hand it should read Why is there no edit button ?Disqus has been doing this to me on my devices for years and messing spell check and auto correct too Word press has set it so I can’t ever log in to any of their sites at all and spot m are just as bad if not worse They send death threat comments to my email.

  2. Obama is to blame for this outbreak for not re-stocking all medical supplies depleted during the swine virus.
    He has blood on his hands also, always wanted the USA to become a 4rd world country like his Kenya craphole.

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