Operation Midland: Westminster Paedophile Ring Inquiry Closed

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Operation Midland: Westminster Paedophile Ring Inquiry Closed

The investigation into claims that a Westminster VIP paedophile ring abused and murdered children in the 1970s and 80s has been closed by the Metropolitan Police.

Operation Midland was closed after the last living suspect, former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, was told he would face no charges.

The inquiry that cost over £1.8 million ended without a single person being arrested.

The Anti Media reports:

According to the Met Police, no evidence was found that children were abused and murdered by an array of accused politicians that included former heads of the army and intelligence chiefs. Operation Midland was launched in 2014 after sexual abuse survivor ‘Nick’ came forward with a chilling testimony that claimed Conservative MPs enjoyed inflicting pain while sexually assaulting boys.
The key witness, who also said he saw three killings, handed detectives a list containing the names of 12 powerful people he claimed sexually abused him. According to ‘Nick,’ some of the abuse took place at the prestigious Dolphin Square complex near Parliament, where many MPS have flats. He alleged perpetrators included former heads of British security services MI5 and MI6.

Former suspect and ex-Conservative MP Harvey Proctor will face no further action after the announcement that the case was dropped on Monday afternoon. An indignant Proctor has called for a public inquiry, as well as the resignation of the head of the force and three senior officers. He has also demanded Labour MPs Tom Watson and John Mann, as well as mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith, apologise to him for implicating him in what he called a botched inquiry.

Labour MP John Mann, who had previously handed a dossier of evidence to Scotland Yard, said he was not surprised at all that the investigation was shut down. In 2014, after spending months sifting through evidence from members of the public, Mann handed over evidence suggesting there were at least five paedophile rings operating  that involved MPs.

The dossier pointed to 22 politicians, including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords. Some on the list were deceased while others were still alive but no longer active in Westminster. Fourteen of those identified were Conservative politicians, five were Labour, and three were from other parties.

Responding to Proctor’s demands for an apology, Mann was unrepentant. In a bold statement on his website, he said:

“Mr Harvey Proctor, as well as misquoting me today, has claimed that there was no Westminster or VIP ring. As he has had no involvement with it, by definition, how can he possibly know this? His uninformed speculation is unhelpful.”

The Labour MP for Bassetlaw continued: “The only apology due is from those who deny that there is a problem with child abuse.”