Orwell & Huxley Both Got It Right Says Roger Waters

Fact checked

Who best predicted what the world of today would be like… George Orwell or Aldous Huxley?

Both did according to former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters.

“Orwell and Huxley were always arguing about who had the closest view of what dystopia might look like in the future,….I think we got a lot of both.” 

Discussing how the mainstream media and public at large are content to largely ignore the the plight of Julian Assange ,Waters told RT :

“We have the ‘Big Brother’ Orwellian dystopian nightmare, it happened two days ago in that magistrate’s court,” he explained, referring to a UK judge’s decision on Monday to deny the WikiLeaks founder a delay in US extradition proceedings. Assange’s lawyers have argued that they need more time to prepare a defense, and some of Assange’s supporters have made the case that British law forbids extradition in the first place, if the charges can be seen as political.

The world described by George Orwell in ‘1984’ was one of mass surveillance and paranoia, where anyone could be snatched off the street by the state and made disappear for ‘wrongthink’. In ‘Brave New World’ Aldous Huxley, on the other hand, described a future where mass entertainment and the easy availability of pleasure-giving drugs made dissent virtually impossible.

“You only have to look out in the street and see the people, the walking dead going by… and taking absolutely no notice of the fact that this journalist is being murdered by our government,” Waters said, referring to the treatment of Assange in Belmarsh Prison, said by the UN to amount to torture.

Together with veteran journalist John Pilger, the Pink Floyd frontman hosted a rally for Assange in front of the British Home Office in September, that went unreported by every single British newspaper.

“And we walk by with our earbuds in… clicking away on our iPhones as we walk unthinking, unfeeling, uncaring through our lives, and allow this bullshit to take place in our names, in our courts,” Waters concluded.


  1. Frontmen: Huxley and Blair/Orwell were both part of the Cabal, and whatever they scripted was what they were told, plans millennia-back laid, now we have Pilger and Waters (like the music, nonetheless) being played, Ar$eange a triple agent fulfilling a divide and fool role, his state of health and state of mind just fine, obeying his masters, he’s in his prime, the bought and sold lying lame-stream punting the Hegelian meme, A Brave new World, designed to be a dystopian scheme!

    • Excellent comment, you are exactly right. Plato’s ‘Utopia” which essentially is a slave state for all but the illuminated is where we are headed.

      • Thanks, davidsondave714, the layers within layers within Russian dolls within Bolshevik Masonic molls, this lot plays their end-times game with assigned actors and actresses filling the gaps in the narrative, much pretend mixed in with the dark heart of their blend, causing the majority to give up on any attempt to learn that which we all could discern, presuming one wants to know about this earthly plane and the way the wind doth blow, the way the minds are programmed via Plato!

        https:// www. conspiracyarchive. com/NewAge/Plato_Kabbalist. htm

    • I agree. I’ve been awake most of my life, and I’ve never been able to completely piece together anything. One can only discern fact from fiction. It makes much more sense that those who propose the theory, are those working for, or under, the people who are executing it to be a reality. Orwell’s book even gives dates, like 2050, which is a realistic date for full the literal and actual completion of this agenda. Either these people were told, or they have some special connection to god/elite/nature that I don’t know about. And I’m not a “satanist”, so I don’t believe in “magickkckckc”

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