Thousands Of Palestinians Shot Near Israeli Border On Good Friday

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Thousands of Palestinians clash at Israeli border

Thousands Palestinians were shot at by IDF troops along the Gaza Strip on Good Friday, in a situation the UN has warned could “deteriorate further” in the coming days. 

The IDF estimates that around 17,000 Palestinians protesting in five locations along the fence were met with riot dispersal measures by Israeli forces.

At least 17 Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured, Gaza medical officials said.

“Israel must uphold its responsibilities under international human rights and humanitarian law. Lethal force should only be used as a last resort with any resulting fatalities properly investigated by the authorities,” UN deputy political affairs chief Taye-Brook Zerihoun said.

Earlier on Friday, before the main protests began, a Palestinian farmer was killed by Israeli tank fire near the border.

The Israeli military said the tank fire came after “two suspects approached the security fence … and began operating suspiciously.”

The march kicks off up to six weeks of protests dubbed “The Great March of Return,” in the runup to the inauguration of the new US embassy in Jerusalem around May 14.

“There is no alternative to Palestine and no solution except to return,” he said in a statement, referring to Palestinian refugees seeking to go back to land they fled or were expelled from in 1948 that is now inside Israel.

Israel has accused Hamas of seeking to stir up protests to encourage violence.


  1. You know, I feel blessed by God, and as such, I don’t go around or feel the need to go around starting chit w others. Quite unlike the, “chosen,” ones. Guess hillel isn’t that grand of a god.

    Anyone catch the RT video from a few days ago of the IDF taking away, arresting, the 3 yr old Palestinian boy? Them today, us tomorrow. Take heed.

  2. “Thousands of Palestinians shot…” or “Thousands of Palestinians shot at…” Either they were ‘shot’ or they were ‘shot at.’ Sean, let’s have the real news.

    “17 Palestinians killed and hundreds injured…” This sounds like a normal day there.

    If I knew there were armed guards at the border, I wouldn’t go near… If the Palestinians want to keep testing Israeli guards, they are going to continue to be injured and killed. Insanity. Stay away from the border.

    When you are surrounded, you are going to take extreme measures for defense. Why is this so difficult to understand?

    • the difference is If Israel defends her borders it’s murder in the world eyes, as opposed to Palestinian terrorism being perfectly OK

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