Pelosi Wants An Intervention Into The Mental Health Of ‘Grotesque’ Trump

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Nancy Pelosi

Describing Donald Trump as “grotesqe”, Nancy Pelosi believes that the former US president needs an “intervention”

Pelosi made the comments during an interview with Sky News’ Yalda Hakim at the Munich center on Monday.

When asked to respond to Trump’s possible reelection this November, the former House Speaker said that European leaders shouldn’t worry about ‘something that may never happen’.

TGP reports: She also said the US has an obligation to keep funding Ukraine as its war with Russia rolls after two years, even though Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

Pelosi said Trump is really “grotesque” and claimed there needs to be an intervention in Trump’s mental health.

“Europeans here are worried. They see America and they say America is stepping back. You’ve dealt with Donald Trump. What advice would you give them?” Yalda Hakim asked Pelosi.

Instead of saying the US doesn’t care what Europeans think, Pelosi said Trump is really grotesque.

Pelosi misunderstood the question and trashed Trump.

“Him? Have an intervention into your mental health, your political viability. He’s really grotesque and it’s really a shame,” Pelosi said as she floated baseless Russian conspiracy theories.


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