Pelosi Tells Voters To Ignore Trump

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Nancy Pelosi sparked a backlash after she called Republicans “domestic enemies” and told voters to ignore Trump in a vicious attack as the GOP convention kicked off.

Speaking to MSNBC on Monday, Pelosi said: “We take an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

“One thing I will say to the American people: Do not pay any attention to Donald Trump,” Pelosi said “It is his goal to scare people from voting, to intimidate them by saying he’s going to have law enforcement people at the polls, to welcome Russian intervention into our election by letting Putin decide who will be president instead of the American people.”

“But ignore him,” she added, “because his purpose is to diminish the vote, to suppress the vote.”

Breitbart reports: She continued, “Shame on the Republicans for enabling that to happen. But we don’t agonize, we organize. People are right to be concerned because the President of the United States is saying what he’s saying. But don’t pay any attention to him. That’s just a victory for those who want to have lower turnout so that fewer people are engaged in the decision. Again, what happened in 2016 was discouraging, the Russians were there, and they’re there now, 24/7, trying to interfere in our election. But they’re not the only ones.”

She added, “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States. But again, let’s just get out there and mobilize, organize, and not let the President deter anybody from voting. And again, support the postal system, which is election central. They’re doing everything they can, suppress the vote with their actions, scare people, intimidate by saying law enforcement will be there, diminish the role of the postal system and all of this. It’s shameful, enemies of the state.”

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