Pentagon ‘Refuses To Rule Out Possibility Of Aliens’ After US Downs Third UFO

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The Pentagon has refused to rule out the possibility that the unidentified objects which were recently shot down could be extraterrestrial – after another UFO was downed over Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday.

According to officials, the latest object was octagonal in structure, unmanned and traveling at about 20,000 feet.

Two other UFO’s were shot down, one over Candada on Saturday, the other over Alaska on Friday.

Intelligence services are exploring all avenues, including that the three most recent objects may be linked to aliens, US Air Force General Glen VanHerck said.

When asked whether he had ruled out ‘aliens or extraterrestrials’, VanHerck said: ‘I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.’

Nor have we!!!

The Mail Online reports: The shoot down on Sunday occurred after the ‘octagonal’ object flew near a sensitive US military site in Montana – and had ‘potential surveillance capabilities.’ 

An F-16 fighter jet shot it down from around 20,000ft over the Great Lakes at 2:42pm – after previously destroying two other crafts over Alask and Canada and a Chinese ballon over South Carolina.

The senior Air Force executive said they are still unsure how the three objects were staying aloft, as they currently have unknown propulsion systems. He added: ‘We’re calling them objects, not balloons, for a reason.’

He added: ‘I believe this is the first time within United States or American airspace that NORAD or United States Northern Command has taken kinetic action against an airborne object.’ 

VanHerck said that unlike the Chinese spy balloon, these three were all similar in size and speed when they were gunned out of airspace. One reason for their removal from the sky was because they threatened civilian aviation.

As the Pentagon more closely scrutinizing US airspace, authorities are not ruling out that there may be more shoot downs in coming days.

Speaking about the most recent object shot down on Sunday, a Department of Defense spokesperson said: ‘Based on its flight path and data we can reasonably connect this object to the radar signal picked up over Montana, which flew in proximity to sensitive DOD sites.

‘We did not assess it to be a kinetic military threat to anything on the ground, but assess it was a safety flight hazard and a threat due to its potential surveillance capabilities. Our team will now work to recover the object in an effort to learn more.’

This is the fourth object the US has shot down in eight days.

The object on Sunday was shot down because of the increased ‘abundance of caution.’ It has not yet been identified. 

A spokesperson said on Sunday night: ‘We will remain vigilant. The operations in the last week have been successful in taking down the potential threats.’ 

Project Blue Beam anyone?

The secret technology was developed by NASA to simulate a fake UFO event or the second coming of Christ. It could be used as part of the NWO plan to usher in a new one world religion.

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