People Who Recieved Placebo In Vaccine Trials Will Be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated’ By UK Govt

Fact checked
Nadhim Zahawi vaccine minister

People that took part in the ‘vaccine’ trials and were only given the placebo, will be considered as being “fully vaccinated” by the UK government.

The UK vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi told Parliament on Thursday: “As far as the UK is concerned they will be considered fully vaccinated whether they have had he placebo or the vaccine”

He added that they would enjoy all receive the privileges granted by the NHS Covid Pass.

It’s unlikely that the minister misspoke as he made the same declaration in two separate exchanges while answering questions from Parliament


  1. When it becomes obvious that the getting sick and dying, by the millions, they will begin to look for people to take their revenge upon, and hunt them down.

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