WEF Bureaucrats Demand Right To Euthanize Children ‘For Their Own Dignity’

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Unelected bureaucrats affiliated with the World Economic Forum (WEF) are advocating for expanded legal authority to allow them to euthanize minors, arguing that laws against euthanizing children contravene the human rights of the child.

Officials linked to the WEF within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Human Rights Commission are promoting legislative changes that would authorize the assisted death of minors for reasons related to “their own dignity.”

Australia’s newly proposed Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill of 2023 has attracted attention from those seeking to extend assisted death provisions to individuals under the age of 18.

The ACT Human Rights Commission has submitted a 6-page inquiry to the Voluntary Assisted Death (VAD) Committee, addressing concerns about the recent amendments.

One notable critique from the ACT Commission is the absence of provisions in the bill allowing minors under the age of 18 to access voluntary assisted death. They argue that human rights principles necessitate consideration for the rights of children and young people, advocating for the inclusion of mature minors who meet the bill’s requirements.

Another point of contention is the exclusion of individuals with an “inability to communicate” or those who have lost decision-making capacity from seeking assisted suicide. The Commission suggests that if a person made a written request for voluntary assisted death when they had the capacity, it should be honored even if they lose that capacity later.

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The third concern focuses on the safeguards in place, questioning the eligibility criteria and the involvement of multiple parties in the decision-making process. The Commission suggests streamlining the process to avoid unnecessary delays while still ensuring that access to voluntary assisted death is appropriately regulated.

Lastly, the Commission opposes the five-day limit for requesting a review of a denied voluntary assisted death request, proposing an extension to the standard 28-day period, particularly for individuals who are terminally ill or experiencing intolerable suffering.

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While presented under the banner of human rights and the concept of “death with dignity,” critics argue that allowing legal suicide for children poses significant risks given the underdeveloped decision-making skills in minors. Concerns include potential influence or coercion by caregivers, parents, peer groups, and social media, potentially leading minors to perceive voluntary assisted suicide as a preferable solution to their struggles.

Critics caution against following a trajectory similar to that observed in Canada, where efforts to broaden assisted death provisions have raised concerns about limiting essential healthcare options for vulnerable patients.

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