Peru Sends In Military To Help Deal With Floods

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Peru Sends In Military To Help Deal With Floods

Peru continues to struggle with severe weather following the floods and landslides that left one dead and one missing earlier this month.

Authorities are now sending the military to help areas affected by severe floods in several parts of the country.

Intense rain and damage has also been reported in Puno, Apurímac and Cuzco regions, in south Peru

Euronews reports:

Scientists blame El Niño, the warm ocean current, for the heavy rains that turned roads into rivers in Arequipa, setting cars adrift in the torrent. The southern province has been particularly badly hit; at least two people were reportedly killed.

Residents in Tumbes, a coastal region in the northwest, were also left to survey the damage.

Local media reported that 3,000 people in the area had been left homeless, with 30,000 affected in some way.

The Andean nation has struggled for over a week to cope with violent weather that has also caused landslides and power cuts.

Throughout the country hundreds of people have been forced from their homes.

The Ministry of Defence said on Monday that 250 soldiers would be sent to help clean up and rebuild damaged towns in the regions of Arequipa, Huanuco and Piura, among others.

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has already said in February that this year’s El Niño is the strongest in over 15 years, although it has passed its peak strength.

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