Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Recieves ADL’s ‘Courage Against Hate’ Award For Covid Jab Rollout

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Pfizer CEO

Dr. Albert Bourla, the Chairman and CEO of Pfizer has recieved a “Courage Against Hate” award from the ADL for “his work in the public health sector.”

In a press release, the ADL claimed that Bourla “led the effort to successfully develop and deploy the COVID-19 vaccine while courageously speaking out against ‘disinformation and hate’.

So apparently, or according to the ADL, so-called “disinformation” is now the same as “hate”

Bourla claimed: “It’s clear that disinformation is still wreaking havoc on society today and threatening the principles for which this organization stands,” adding thAT “The hatred and ignorance that it creates prevents us from seeing one another as people, as individuals with lives that deserve to be protected.”

Infowars reports: If he really believes the latter, then why is it a bad thing to have a public dialog about the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines?

Instead, if you challenge an experimental injection forced on you by multination corporations and the United Nations, you are put into the “hate” camp, even if you bring up valid, scientific criticism that has nothing to do with race, religion, or events of the past.

This response will only make the public ask even more questions about the vaccines.

For one thing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said it was “appalling” that the CDC approved vaccines for children last month, stating that there’s “no evidence that COVID boosters reduce transmission, hospitalization, or death among children.”

Is that “hate” speech now?

Also, keep in mind that Bourla tested positive for Covid-19 this past summer despite taking four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.


  1. The ADL (Anti-Defamation League). All the Politicians in Washington Must get on their knees and kowtow to the ADL at the beginning of the legislative session, or risk being a one-term representative.
    The ADL has a sorry and disturbing Human Rights record.

    • They worship the Pope. Go and watch them when he addressed them It’s the most historic event of your lifetime and you don’t even know it.

      • This poster thinks the Pope is secondary.
        It used to be called the Military Industrial Complex, now labeled the “Deep State,” where the Pope and the ADL have the same motivations and objectives, to go after the Bill of Rights and destroy it. The Pope and the ADL belong to to the same club where the most evil ideology the world has ever seen rules.

        • The Pope is who they worship. They don’t worship the ADL or the MIC.
          “The greatest threat to American democracy will come from Pope’s” George Washington
          That’s how old it is.

        • BTW The fact you don’t call yourself I, but refer to yourself on the 3rd person as this poster reveals that your not preserving your autonomy or Sovereignty but are developing alters or multiple identities. It says you’ve sold out most likely and don’t relate to yourself as your self.

    • People spewing nazi propagandas of faux socialism and anti Jewish hatred, racist filth evil murderous nazi venom should be ashamed to show their face to their Creator.

        • Oh your using that old game now. Passive aggression. Typical of the snakes. Can’t actually acknowledge your own calls for murder of Jews as a Sin and disobedience to God’s Commandments but think you can be snakey and slither away un noticed on Judgement Day.

  2. They in there hate rhe truth Pope Emeritus Benedict. Describing the Vatican. They HATE Jesus and Christians he said too.

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