Philadelphia Looter Loses Her Sh*t After Finding Her Car Looted By Other Looters

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A looter in Philadelphia learnt a major life lesson when her own car full of looted products was looted by other looters overnight.

This looting shit is not worth it,” the reformed looter says on camera. “Why would they do this to our car? They f***ed us up. Threw all the sh*t out the car. They got us good, like, it’s not worth it.

Now she knows how the business owners feel who have had their livelihoods attacked and damaged by protesters and looters. It’s a “learning moment“.

The madness of the Black Lives Matter movement and their cheerleaders in the corporate media must be called out. Fox News reported last night that 70% of the businesses destroyed by looters in Philadelphia were owned by minorities.

The violent movement has been emboldened by the corporate media propaganda campaign waged on their behalf, and they now believe they are above the law.

Black Lives Matter protesters are now telling reporters “you’re not allowed to film protesters.”

They are also assaulting reporters who refuse to toe the corporate media line.

A conservative reporter who dared to film and report on Black Lives Matter protesters looting and trashing stores in Philadelphia was told “you’re not allowed to film protesters” before being physically assaulted. 

Baxter Dmitry
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