Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Brags About Murder

Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says he personally murdered suspected criminals while cruising on his motorbike, looking to deliver death to troublemakers.

Duterte publicly brags about personally murdering suspected criminals as if it’s an OK and noble thing to do against fellow beings.

The president says he personally murdered suspects in the past when he was a mayor, to show his timid police force how to do it, and is willing to kill millions more. reports:

CNN says Duterte bragged about killing people while riding his motorcycle at the Wallace Business Forum on Monday. At the time, Duterte was the mayor of Davao City:

“In Davao, I used to do it personally. Just to show the guys that, if I can do it, why can’t you?” Duterte said.

“And (I’d) go around Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around and I would just patrol the streets and looking for trouble also. I was really looking for an encounter so I could kill.”

In September, Duterte said:

“Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there are 3 million drug addicts. … I’d be happy to slaughter them.”

More on Duterte’s own struggle with drugs:

“I have this migraine every day. I had a bad slip … I hit my head on the cement. I have a lot of issues with my spine,” he said on Monday.

Duterte said was abusing fentanyl until his doctor stepped in.

“I was only given a fourth of (the whole patch), but no more, because of course my doctor learned that I was using the whole patch because I felt better,” he said.

“When he knew it, he made me stop and he said, ‘The first thing you would lose is your cognitive ability.’”