Senior Tory MP Says Troops May Be Needed in Syria

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A senior Conservative MP says that airstrikes on ISIS in Syria may not be enough to restore peace and that political leaders may have to consider sending in ground troops.

Hasn’t this been the plan all along?

Sky news reports:  Colonel Bob Stewart, a former UN commander in Bosnia, said: “I wonder whether in the end someone – I hope it’s not the British – is going to have to go in on the ground with military forces to sort out the country.”

The MP, who is a member of the Commons Defence Select Committee, said he hoped such a military effort would be a broad coalition under the auspices of the UN.

His intervention comes as the Chancellor George Osborne spoke of the need to “deal with… the evil Assad regime and the ISIL (IS) terrorists”.

Speaking at a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Turkey, he admitted that restoring stability was a “huge challenge”.

The Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey become the latest senior religious figure calling for a renewed military effort to “crush” ISIS in Syria.

The chancellor, George Osborne also said that the Syrian crisis needs to be dealt with “at source” in Syria by taking on the “evil” Assad regime and Isil.

Sky news continue: Ministers would like to be able to join the US in airstrikes on IS in Syria, but are wary of defeat in the House of Commons, two years after being rebuffed over proposed military action against the Assad regime

Mr Cameron reaffirmed on Friday he would only order British bombers into action in Syria if there was a parliamentary consensus – behind airstrikes.

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour leader, the chances of persuading the Opposition to support airstrikes in Syria become still slimmer.


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