Pilot Barred From Flying After Saying ‘Make America Great Again’

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Brave A Trump supporter was kicked off a Frontier Airlines plane on Sunday and barred from taking the flight because he said "Make America Great Again."

A Trump supporter was kicked off a Frontier Airlines plane on Sunday and barred from taking the flight because he said “Make America Great Again.”

Kenny Cool was expressing his love of Donald Trump and exercising his right to political speech – protected by the First Amendment – when he says he was confronted by a flight attendant who kicked him off the flight “as a first resort, not a last resort” after she realised what he had said.

The stewardess was definitely anti-Trump and she took it out on me for speaking my mind,” Kenny said in an interview with Your News Wire.

She said that I needed to ‘calm down’ when she was the one instigating and escalating the situation. She basically slapped me with her words after she realized what I was saying. And I told her I had a right to talk and then they immediately kicked me off as a first resort instead of a last resort, I guess not knowing that political speech is protected no matter what.

What they don’t know is that I’m a pilot and I know the rules very well.”

Kenny was on a business trip and he says causing trouble on the flight was the last thing on his mind.

“I was not trying to stir up crap. I had several of my business partners on the plane. It was an innocent stunt and they blew it way out of proportion and I am deeply ashamed of them for how they treated us.”

Kenny was separated from his girlfriend Rebecca and escorted off the flight. He claims airline staff “intimidated” him into “turning off my camera by grabbing at it, assaulting me, and standing in my face.” His girlfriend followed him off the flight and according to Kenny the airline staff “did the same thing to her, grabbing at her camera too, assaulting her as well, but she refused to turn it off.”

Kenny says the other passengers supported him.

One passenger sent me a picture of [the flight attendant] and told her to her face what she did was bullshit.”

After she yelled at me the other passengers on the plane began to get upset that she talked to me that way and started telling the other flight attendants what she did was wrong. A gentlemen contacted me after the flight on FB whom I did not know and said he would make a statement in court for me.”

After being barred from the flight Kenny was forced to wait until the next day when there was a reasonably priced flight he could take.

Kenny filmed himself boarding the second flight. He claims he was “louder and more outspoken” in this video compared to when he got kicked off the airplane.

During the second flight I was forced to fly with Frontier again because of the price so I decided to do it again even louder this time and they didn’t say a thing.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry

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