‘Before Trump and After’: Twitter Reacts to Startling 2016 vs 2020 Photos of Nasty Nancy

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Twitter users reacted to photos of Nancy Pelosi in 2016, before taking on President Trump, and in 2020, after the impeachment trial.

Nancy Pelosi has met her match.

Before going up against President Donald Trump, Pelosi was considered a strategic and shrewd political mastermind.

But after facing-off with President Trump, her cover has been blown and her failure can be read all over her face.

She’s nothing more than a third-rate crummy politician.

WayneDupree reports: Sure, it was easy to take on a globalist like George W. Bush who didn’t know the meaning of “fight back.” He took everything on the chin as all of those old school neocon politicians did – mainly because in truth, everyone in D.C. was working on the same team and for the same goals, we just didn’t realize it back then.

But when faced with a real formidable challenger and a fighter, Pelosi lost it.

She went downright batty and got over emotional and hysterical. She couldn’t hold it together or keep her cool with President Trump.

He bested her at every turn and she wasn’t used to that, so she melted into a puddle of #Resist goo.

And it shows.

This tweet perfectly showcases the sad decline of Nancy Pelosi.

The picture on the left is from an interview in September of 2016 with CBS where she was discussing how Hillary’s emails were “no big deal.”

The picture on the right is a screenshot from a press conference last month.

My oh my, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a b*tch, folks.


Twitter reacted to the shocking photos:

“I noticed it too, she is aging, hate is a great burden”

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