Cunning Plan To Bankrupt CNN Hatched By Ordinary Americans

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CNN's viewership figures are a sham, and if airports are forced to end CNN's monopoly over their screens the network will go bankrupt.

A string of recent controversies have hit CNN hard, with advertisers pulling out in protest, and low ratings generally inducing an air of doom and gloom in CNN corridors regarding the future viability of the business. 

But the company is on even shakier financial ground than most people realize.

CNN’s viewing figures are a sham. Despite lagging behind rivals in the ratings, CNN’s real viewership is actually even lower than reported. Their numbers are propped up by airport and gym screens — and to an extent you might find surprising.

Since 1991, 48 of America’s biggest airports have signed contracts to exclusively screen the CNN Airport Network, a time-delayed version of the news that edits out any scenes that might prove upsetting to liberal passengers — like, say, a news report on a plane crash, or anything that exposes Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

Because these thousands of screens are locked into the network 24/7, 365 days per year, CNN is able to claim an additional quarter of a billion viewers per year — by claiming that any person passing through an airport is a viewer.

In turn, these artificially inflated viewership figures are used by CNN to charge higher advertising and revenue rates than they could if they provided their real ratings to advertisers.

It’s a neat little shell game. These corporate contracts are based on seating capacity so when CNN pays to pump their product into airports and gyms, these establishments are considered to be at full capacity for the purpose of viewership figures and ratings.

Every time you march through an airport without even glancing at the talking head explaining the latest Russian conspiracy theory, CNN get to tell advertisers that you spent 52 minutes watching their product.


Don’t forget: these airports are federally-funded. These screens are paid for by the American taxpayer.

CNN is gaming the system, abusing the American taxpayer, and completely shunning the idea of responsible and respectable journalism.

But we can put a stop to it. By signing the petition, demanding to be given choice at airports, we can destroy CNN’s shell game and send their ratings figures through the floor, to the depths of the basement, where they really belong.

The financial consequences of losing their airport and gym monopoly will be enough to send CNN, already teetering on the brink of financial ruin, totally over the edge.

Let’s take this chance to make airports great again and put an end to CNN’s monopoly over our federally-funded TV screens — and perhaps put an end to the Fake News Network once and for all.



Putting an end to CNN’s fake ratings will hit them hard.

You can sign the online petition here.

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