Policeman Accidentally Detonates Grenade In Court

Fact checked

An officer from Pakistan accidentally pulled the pin from a live hand grenade to demonstrate to a judge in court how it worked, which then exploded in a courtroom, injuring five people – including the judge.

GeoBeats News reports:

There are certain things that are best not to demonstrate in a courtroom setting.

Daily Pakistan is reporting that a police constable pulled the pin from a grenade and caused it to explode in a Karachi courtroom after a judge asked him how it worked.

The officer reportedly thought the weapon had been deactivated since that is the standard protocol for such devices presented as evidence, but this one had not.

Five people including the officer and judge are believed to have been injured from the blast which nearby authorities initially thought was the result of a terrorist attack.

The grenade was part of a case brought against a suspect accused of illegally possessing explosives.