Pope Francis Says He Is ‘Pained’ By Wealthy People Taking Vacations To Flee Lockdowns

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Pope Francis claims that he is “deeply pained” to read that wealthy people have taking flights to escape new coronavirus lockdown measures at home.

Pope Francis claims that he is “pained” that rich people have taking flights to escape new coronavirus lockdown measures at home.

Onn Sunday the pope spoke about the temptation to focus solely on “one’s own interests” or living hedonistically by seeking only to “satisfy one’s own pleasures”

The Pontiff said: “I read something in the newspaper that really saddened me…in one country, I don’t remember which, more than 40 planes took off in a single afternoon to escape the lockdown and go on vacation.”

He then asked: “But those people, who are good people, didn’t they think about those who stayed at home, about the economic problems of so many people devastated by the lockdowns, about the sick?” He then added “Just take a vacation and seek your own pleasure. This pained me so much.”

Breitbart reports: The pope may have been referring to recent news stories of wealthy Brits “fleeing the UK in private jets to avoid new lockdowns” while Londoners are trapped in their city.

Business Insider reported private aviation firms were reporting an increase in bookings out of London as the UK government imposed new lockdowns.

“As Londoners flocked to train stations over the weekend in a last-ditch effort to escape new lockdown restrictions, British high society went to London’s private jet terminals to catch charter flights out of the country,” the paper reported.

A “Tier 4 lockdown” imposed on parts of the UK — including London — caused a “mass exodus” from the city before it became illegal to leave, the Northern Echo reported. While most turned to cars, trains, commercial airliners, and busses to flee the city, “those fortunate enough to do so turned to private aviation firms, who’ve say they’ve seen an increase in UK bookings from the weekend,” Business Insider noted.

“Enquiries reached a peak yesterday, with many looking to travel to second homes for Christmas or bring forward pre-booked flights with us to warmer destinations such as Dubai or the Maldives,” said Mark Briffa, the CEO of private charter brokerage Air Partner.

In his address Sunday, Pope Francis urged greater solidarity in the face of difficulties.

While extending his “best wishes for the year that has just begun,” Francis said that as Christians, “we shy away from the fatalistic or magical mentality: we know that things will get better to the extent that, with God’s help, we work together for the common good, putting the weakest and most disadvantaged at the center.”

“We don’t know what 2021 has in store for us,” he said, “but what each of us and all of us together can do is to commit ourselves a little more to taking care of each other and of creation, our common home.”


  1. Christmas for the current lame duck administration:

    “The president is not the only member of his administration on holiday – Vice President Mike Pence is in Vail, Colorado, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is at a resort in Cabo, Mexico.”

  2. I suppose he thinks they should all stay home and save their money to give to the Vatican on its Mission .Let them go away and spend their money in other places .

  3. ” they in there (–‘ Vatican City ) –HATE TRUTH AND BEUTY ” Pope Emeritus Benedict He knows Truth is Gods Word and Beuty and His Creation .Our home And no it’s not a commune and God is not a communist and isnt into ” community values “. He teaches about the family of man ,of brothers and sisters .

  4. Pained ? Is that a Christ like pain ? You know like the pain of being flogged and crucified? Is he the Christ like person on the planet ?Is he their team leader of the flock or the leader of the pack ,being of wolves from Romulus and Romuli ,the twins suckled by a she wolf they founded Rome ? .Which . Look when one per cent own and or control as much as 99 per cent if the planet ,including the media the courts the cops the militaries of EVERYnation ( really via the military industrial complex and patents on weapons and blah blah blah,ti HIDE the facts)then you have a Communist Class System Or Cast system REALLY .All this gobblydeegook ” common home ” and democrats ” socialist ” spin is JUST to brainwash the people into a cepting their future reduction into a common wealth of them we all as equals of labour value with very similar life styles and them ,the so rich and powerful it’s all kept hidden by secrets Corporate Canniblas A pack of predatory wolves and a flock of misled sheep .

  5. I sure hope people are waking up to the satanic pedo the pope is. That church is a disgrace and im sad people identify it as Christian

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