Portable Charger Uses Water To Power Cell Phones

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A portable power plant has been developed that can charge your cell phone using water whenever access to an electric grid is not possible.

Swedish innovation company myFC has created a fuel-cell charger and battery that is portable, lightweight and acts as a mini power plant. It is ideal for use in emergencies or when an instant source of energy is needed.
To use it, just add any available water.

Metro reports:

To charge your phone, users simply pour water into the tray, place a PowerPukk cartridge in the tray, cover the system, then connect a phone with a USB cable.

Mineral water, salt water, or dirty water from streams/puddles (so long as it contains no sediments) are all fine to power up the device.

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First add water

The PowerTrekk, made by clean-tech company myFC, generates power by mixing sodium silicide with the water, to produce hydrogen gas that powers the fuel cell.

The non-toxic powder releases only water vapor and hydrogen when reacting with water.

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Then add a myFC Puck with salt

It can fuel enough cells to provide the same amount of power as four AA batteries – which works out as approximately 10 hours of phone battery life.

PowerPukk cartridges are also non-corrosive and leak-proof.

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Users can buy replacements of the cartridges to reuse.


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