Pre-Menopausal Whale Gives Birth : Video

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The Video Below shows A Killer Whale Giving Birth In San Diego, California.

Photo: Orcinus orca

The mother of four gave birth in captivity in an Aquarium. In a related article by the Dailymail online a peculiarity of the mammal is taken into consideration- that it reaches Menopause by age 35. Very similar to humans and the female menopause. The article based on the University of Exeter research study suggests that the short-finned pilot whale and the killer whale are capable to live long past the age that they lose the ability to reproduce.

They have found that it frees up the older, more experienced females to lead their families in the search for food and so boost the ability of the entire group to survive. The findings may now also help to explain why the menopause emerged in human populations – it allowed older women to impart their knowledge and help care for the younger members. Professor Darren Croft, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Exeter, said: ‘In humans, it has been suggested that menopause is simply an artifact of modern medicine and improved living conditions. ‘However, mounting evidence suggests that menopause in humans is adaptive. ‘In hunter-gatherers, one way that menopausal women help their relatives, and thus increase the transmission of their own genes, is by sharing food. ‘Menopausal women may also have shared another key commodity – information.’

The Killer whale has no comment. But the question remains: What is the secret of menopause ? By observing the problems women have with HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) and menopause along with suggestions in numerous publications that raise alarms about the ingredients used (horses urine) in HRT, and the subsequent multitude of health problems that comes in its wake; It is quite possible that the inarticulate whales are suffering from a similar fate. Namely Ocean Pollution, and it could be that they are not survivors lacking in progression along the evolution hierarchy by 90 million years as the article suggests; but victims of greed and public none-accountability by humans. That these majestic animals are loosing their reproduction capabilities among older females should be a worry .

The article goes on to say….Dr Lauren Brent, a behavioural biologist at the University of Exeter who was the lead author of the research, said: Our results show that postreproductive females may boost the fitness of kin through the transfer of ecological knowledge.

‘The value gained from the wisdom of elders can help explain why female killer whales and humans continue to live long after they have stopped reproducing.

The researchers also found that post-menopausal killer whales were also more likely to lead their sons than their daughters. Dr Daniel Franks, from the University of York, said: ‘Killer whale mothers direct more help toward sons than daughters because sons offer greater potential benefits for her to pass on her genes.Killer whale pack

It seems through Observation that the Mother whale or older females with the young males in tow, and the fertile females behind is how humans behave when they go food shopping at the Supermarket. The difference for the whales is that they have to survive in an environment that leaves no room for analysis. Its instant survival for FOOD. The mummy whale knows were the food is. The young males will follow. The lady whales are busy till the end reproducing (food=survival=food), unless they have reached the end of their reproductive life due to pollution. They are all natural born killers. The Moment A Killer Whale Gives Birth In San Diego Read why Whales don’t enjoy their food anymore…

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