Whales Don’t Enjoy Food As Much As Land Mammals !

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In the article below, it is suggested that Whales only taste salt and that they don’t enjoy their food due to genetic deficiency. They might be one of the largest mammals on earth, but they lack the intelligence or the necessary DNA to survive the Polluted Oceans ! 

It observes that the mighty creatures devour huge amounts of food each day, and because of their genetic deficiencies they argue, are not able to taste the rubbish in the oceans, nor are they able to distinguish it from normal food. Hence they argue that their demise- as reported in the journal of Zoological Letters, which the article is based upon – is due to lack of DNA Genes, and the polluted oceans, are just the background where the survival drama takes place.

It reads :

By analyzing the genomes, the researchers concluded that whales lost the ability to taste shortly after splitting from a common ancestor they share with cows.

They were also found to lack genes that are used by land mammals to detect the presence of predators nearby – such as the smell of urine from carnivores. This ability to detect predators by scent is a common ability among most mammals on land.
Dr Kishida said that the ability to smell predators may have disappeared as whales evolved as sharks and killer whales cannot be detected by smelling in the air. As whales keep their nasal passages closed when diving they would also not be able to smell under water. Chewing is also considered to be important in releasing the flavour from food, and as many cetaceans swallow their food whole, this may explain why they have lost many taste genes. Writing in the journal of Zoological Letters, Dr Kishida said: ‘This study indicates that all modern cetaceans lack innate avoidance behavior against spoiled smells, and the sense of tastes.
‘This could be one of the reasons why cetaceans often die from ingesting inedible debris, and has implications for whale conservation.’

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Whales are considered more intelligent than humans by some species.

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