President Putin Puts ‘Elite Nazis’ On Notice: ‘Your Days of Ruling Europe Are Over’

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Russian President Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin has put “elite Nazis” on notice, sending a warning to the heart of Brussels that “your days of ruling Europe are over.”

While mainstream media reports in the US have focused on the Nazis within Ukraine when discussing Putin’s “denazification” efforts, within Russia it is widely understood that he is targeting the elite Nazis, including European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, whom he believes have become far too comfortable in Europe’s seats of power.

Ursula Von der Leyen moves in an elite European world, where noble titles have a real effect on a person’s chances of career success and where ancestral bloodlines still trump accomplishments as a measure of a person’s worth.

Von der Leyen’s family tree traces a legacy of evil and brutality, incorporating not only some of Germany’s most powerful Nazis but also some of Britain’s largest slave traders and, through marriage, some of the United States’ largest slave owners. Von der Leyen is descended directly from James Ladson, who owned more than 200 slaves when the Civil War broke out.

Von der Leyen and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Von der Leyen has invoked these forefathers unapologetically. She even adopted the name of one of her slave-driving ancestors when she enrolled at the London School of Economics under the name Rose Ladson. Few people at the time were as conscious of the lingering legacies of slavery as we have now become, but her choice to assume the name of her slave-holding ancestors was an indication nevertheless about her comfort with evil.

European elites fawn over Von der Leyen because of her elitist and evil DNA.

It’s no accident that French President Emmanuel Macron first suggested Von der Leyen for the leadership position, citing her perfect French as evidence of her cosmopolitan nature. But there are any number of Europeans who speak excellent French, and Macron complimented more than her pronunciation. At a press conference, Macron praised herprofoundly European culture” before going on to say “she has the DNA of the European community.”

Ursuala Von der Leyen with her children and husband, Heiko Von der Leyen, who is Medical Director of the US biotech company Orgenesis which is specialized in cell and gene therapies

Newspunch reached out to President Macron seeking elaboration on his comments regarding Von der Leyen’s Nazi DNA. He did not immediately respond.

Lavrov: Nazis have infiltrated America

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also suggested “elite Nazis” now have the United States in their grip. According to Lavrov, “absolute evil” has taken hold.

Napolean and Hitler had the objective to have the whole of Europe under their control,” said Lavrov. “Now Americans have got Europe under their control and we can see the situation has really demonstrated what role the EU is playing in the context of the global situation.”

Like in Hollywood, there is an absolute evil and an absolute good. And this is unfortunate.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Don`t nuke up and ask for the white flag from ukraine re-draw your lines for the new USSR and maybe a few trillion of american tax payers money will make that happen-it worked in Kazakhstan as china russia the CIA NASA KGB all sleeping in at the inn there

    • Nothing is what it seems. Remeber first point that taxes are the interest paid on the loan from the Fed to the government for the money they borrow and provide to the banks to pay wages. The taxes paid are money that is borrowed The people nor the government mint money. Its all privately owned by the manufacturers. That’s just the beginning of getting real. The lies from government and banks to deceive the people about the true origins of the money are constant and intentionally deceitful. And they just snowball

  2. And the elite nazis are Catholics. Old family Catholics from centuries and if you trace their families back they are from the Romam empires when they often got rich initially.

  3. It goes much deeper than modern day you tubies and all their mob of nazi sympathisers will reveal All those people now thinking how fab it would be to have the world ruled by the Pope need to reflect that it was exactly in Europe that situation that led to the incredible success of the Protestant uprising The massive desire throughout the European world for change from Autocratuc rule of law from the Vatican. Then the dramatic fleeing of millions of refugees out of Europe to escape the Inquisition. The world has lived under totalitarian rule of law from the Vatican before and it proved after centuries, to be a totally unsatisfactory situation People need to learn from the past They need to wake up.

      • There have been Nazis in Ukraine since WW2, Putin is going after them and also taking out U.S. biolabs which make horrendous bio weapons that should never exist. He’s not going after citizens either – mainstream news has it completely wrong.

    • He’s the good guy. He’s destroying the cabal & their evil bioweapon labs, not Ukraine & her ppl. The MSM is all lies as they cover for the cabal.

  4. the ukraine males can`t leave or they will be shot and the russian males thier own brothers can`t leave or they will be shot so the depopulation goes on again even after the covid the rich 1% war lobby gets richer the poor get deader and grave yard get fuller the 1% UK controlled american media gets richer so the UK and the common wealth are pushing for a nuke battle for much more depopulation and more money power control and no more free speech all so easy.WE SHOULD have impeached reagan for un-american actives and keep out union jobs and 30% of the wealth.They will sooner or later force us all to kill each other or we will get shot by their puppets again and again and again that american life in a nut shell

  5. Project for a New American Century? Globalist manipulation, and the propaganda is flying… Poor innocent Ukraine! Look at all the refugees being shelled, nevermind they were being given guns and encouraged to resists the Russian invaders in the streets. Putin declared war not on the Ukraine but the NWO.

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