President Trump Signs Bill Giving CIA & FBI 6 Months to Reveal the Truth About UFOs

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President Trump signs bill forcing CIA and FBI to reveal the truth about UFOs within 6 months

President Trump signed a bill on Monday ordering the CIA and FBI to disclose the truth about UFOs within 180 days (6 months).

On December 28th, POTUS signed into law a massive new spending bill that allocates $1.4 trillion in federal funding for the 2021 fiscal year.

One little snippet hidden in the bill that caught the attention of some media outlets is the topic of unidentified aerial phenomenon, also known as UFOs or UAPs.

Collective-evolution reports: This large spending bill also contains the Intelligence Authorization Act, which outlines clandestine reporting requirements to the congress. In the “black budget” world, many of these programs  have been, and probably still are, completely exempt from reporting requirements to the Congress. There are developments in this world that not even a president of the United States has access to.

I am talking about Special Access Programs (SAP). From these we have unacknowledged and waived SAPs. These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as ‘deep black programs.’ A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.” (source)

The bill states that intelligence agencies must address “observed airborne objects that have not been identified and include a “detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data collected by: a geospatial intelligence, b. signals intelligence; c. human intelligence; and d. measurement and signals intelligence.”

The report required within 180 days must also contain “[a] detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was derived from investigations of intrusions of unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted United States airspace … and an assessment of whether this unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries.”

Chris Mellon, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, told The Debrief that “the newly enacted Intelligence Authorization Act incorporates the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report language calling for an unclassified, all-source report on the UAP phenomenon.

This was accomplished in the Joint Explanatory Statement accompanying the bill….Consequently, it’s now fair to say that the request for an unclassified report on the UAP phenomenon enjoys the support of both parties in both Houses of Congress,” said Mellon, who is also a former staff director of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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