Hillary Clinton Declares: “No National Emergency at U.S.-Mexico Border”

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Hillary Clinton declares there is no national emergency at the southern border

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claims “there’s no national emergency” at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

In an astonishingly arrogant interview, Clinton boasted that President Trump was merely “frustrated” at his inability to push border wall legislation through Congress and was resorting to other means of getting his own way.

Dailycaller.com reports: “I just don’t think you should call a national emergency unless there truly is a national emergency. There is no national emergency at our border,” Clinton said, adding that the president is “frustrated because he can’t even convince his own party to support his requests.”

Clinton suggested that Democrats were just as supportive of border security as Republicans. “They just disagree with his demand that there’s only one way to do that.”

However, reports indicate an increasing number of Democrats actually side with Trump on the wall and are willing to support funding it.

The former first lady also commented on the anticipated release of a report from the ongoing Mueller probe into alleged Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

Clinton suggested the president “has a duty to keep the American people informed. “I would expect that duty to be performed,” she said.

”If there is a report, that report should be sent to Congress and made public.”


  1. So the crooked wino thinks there no emergency on our Southern border. With her input I will sleep much better tonight/ Just wondering who anted up a few million to the Clinton Foundation for this piece of pronounced wisdom

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