Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer: “Nathan Phillips Will Be Sued for Vicious Lies”

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Nathan Phillips to be sued by Nick Sanmann's lawyer for spreading vicious lies

Far-left Native American activist Nathan Phillips is being sued for vicious “defamatory lies” he spread about Covington student Nick Sandmann. 

According to Sandmann’s lawyer, Lin Wood, Phillips’ “lies and false accusations” against Nick Sandmamm and other Covington teens are “well documented.” reports: Sandmann’s attorney said he will be filing the first round of lawsuits within the next couple of weeks — over 50 journalists, media, celebrities and dioceses have been sent notices by Sandmann’s lawyers as well.

Attorney Robert Barnes is also representing Covington teens and their families after dozens of journalists and celebrities libeled and defamed the Catholic students.

Lin Wood confirmed to LifeSite that Nick Sandmann, the main teen targeted by Nathan Phillips and the vicious media, had been prevented from returning to school for SIX DAYS after the students returned home from DC. “Nick was prohibited by the school from attending classes for 6 school days in the two weeks following the incident,” Lin told LifeSite.

A couple weeks ago, far left Native American activist and fake Vietnam Veteran Nathan Phillips approached a group of pro-life Covington Catholic teens and began beating a drum in Nick Sandmann’s face.

Nick Sandmann quietly stood his ground as Nathan Phillips chanted and beat a drum in his face — Sandmann was mobbed by the media for his “smirk” — also known as “facecrime.”

The media ran with a deceptively edited video of the teens and Nathan Phillips continued to push the lies with virtually no pushback from left-wing journalists.

In one follow-up interview with NBC’s “Today” show with Savannah Guthrie, Nathan Phillips lied and said there is video of the Covington teens chanting “build the wall!”

Savannah Guthrie asked Phillips if he heard the kids chanting “build the wall!” and pointed out that it is not audible in any of the video clips online.

Phillips replied, “You know, I did hear that and I have seen some out there on the ‘internets’ where you can hear them saying “build that wall.”

This is an outright lie. There is no video of the children chanting “build the wall!” and even if they did, it is not a crime.

The Gateway Pundit asked attorney Lin Wood if he is worried about backlash for suing Phillips to which he responded, “I am not concerned or worried about any backlash for suing Phillips. He is a liar.”

When asked if he knows how much he’s going to sue Nathan Phillips for, Lin Wood told TGP reporter Cassandra Fairbanks, “No. But his deposition testimony will be invaluable.”

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