Suspect Who Shot Family Of Judge Investigating Deutsche Bank-Jeffrey Epstein Case Found Dead

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The gunman suspected of shooting the family of US district Judge Esther Salas has been found dead of gunshot wounds in an apparent suidcide according to reports.

Judge Esther Salas’ son was killed and her husband shot and seriously injured when a gunman opened fire at their family home on Sunday, just four days after she was assigned an explosive case involving Jeffrey Epstein and Deutsche Bank.

The suspect, an attorney who was disguised as a delivery driver, was found in a vehicle in Rockland, New York, according to authorities who say they believe his wounds were self-inflicted.

RT reports: The man was found dead in a car on Route 17 in Sullivan County, wearing a FedEx uniform, law enforcement sources told local media. He was reportedly an attorney whose case was heard by Salas in 2015.

Authorities are investigating whether a gun found at the scene of the death – which they’ve presumed to be a suicide – matches the one that killed Salas’ son and wounded her husband on Sunday during the attack at their North Brunswick, New Jersey home.

The gunman who attacked Salas’ family was also wearing a FedEx uniform when he knocked on their door Sunday evening around 5pm and reportedly used an “ordinary car” when he fled the scene. Mark Anderl, Salas’ husband, was first to be shot upon answering the door, followed by the couple’s son Daniel Anderl. Salas, who was in the basement at the time, was not hurt.

The FBI, New Jersey State Police, and US Marshals are investigating the shooting at Salas’ home. Her husband remains hospitalized in critical condition. A motive for the attack has not been put forth, though law enforcement sources have theorized it may have been a home invasion gone wrong.

A municipal employee reportedly discovered the attorney’s body in the car, along with a FedEx package addressed to Salas. The judge, who had received threats in the past, was assigned a case involving Deutsche Bank’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein less than a week before the attack on her family.

Deutsche Bank investors are suing the firm, charging it failed to follow anti-money-laundering regulations or adequately vet customers like notorious deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein’s own apparent suicide in a Manhattan jail has raised a number of questions, from how multiple cameras on the tier where he was housed managed to malfunction simultaneously to how jail guards happened to fall asleep during the time he is said to have hanged himself with the bedsheets in his cell.

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