130 People Come Forward Claiming They Are Jeffrey Epstein’s Children

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Jeffrey Epstein

Up to 130 people believe Jeffrey Epstein is their biological father, according to the website created by a DNA company tasked with finding possible heirs to the notorious convicted pedophile’s estate.

A DNA firm set up the website Epsteinheirs.com shortly after Epstein’s death was announced, seeking people who could be heirs to his estate to come forward.

“Jeffrey Epstein was sexually promiscuous for so long that there is a reasonable chance he may have fathered a child,” Harvey Morse, founder of Morse Genealogical Services told the Sun.

We have reason to believe that based on his [Epstein’s] behavior that there may be some unidentified children that are out there and as such, they would likely be entitled to claim against the estate,” said Morse.

A screen shot from the website searching for “unknown children” of Jeffrey Epstein.

The firm will combine various techniques, including DNA testing and in-depth movement histories of both Epstein and their client, to prove they are Epstein’;s child and stake the person’s claim to part of the estate.

Of course people asked the question of why someone would want to admit the notorious sex trafficker and pedophile is their father.

According to reports, the reason might be simple: if any are found to be the former financier’s children, they could lay claim to a piece his US$635 million ($1.04 billion) estate, which includes his Manhattan mansion and a luxury 74 acres estate, dubbed “pedophile island”.

Epstein’s fortunes also include a luxury 75-acre estate, dubbed ‘pedophile island’
If any are found to be the multimillionaire’s children, they could lay claim to a piece his $635 million estate, which includes his Manhattan mansion 

Some 386 people contacted Epsteinheirs.com – with 30 percent saying they believe they could be his biological offspring.

Epstein, 66 — who had already done jail time for underage sex — was facing up to 45 years in prison on serious child sex-trafficking charges when it was announced by mainstream media that he was found dead in his Manhattan lockup last August.

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