Biden Laughs in Reporter’s Face When Asked About Stranded Americans in Afghanistan

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Biden laughs at reporter after being asked about Americans stranded in Afghanistan

Joe Biden once against laughed in a reporter’s face when confronted about the thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

During a Wednesday press briefing at the White House, NBC’s White House Correspondent Peter Alexander asked Biden what he intends to do if Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline set by Taliban terrorists.

Biden grinned widely and told Alexander “you’ll be the first person I’ll call”:

The moment was so vile that the White House was forced to cut the audio feed: reports: Biden again didn’t answer any of the questions.

This latest show of disrespect amid the total incompetence of the withdrawal from Afghanistan comes after both Biden and VP Kamala Harris laughed when asked by reporters about the situation in Kabul.

The displays prompted Fox News reporter Peter Doocy to ask White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki “what’s so funny?”

Psaki, who earlier in the week denied that any Americans are trapped in Afghanistan, responded with a typical non-answer:

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