VIP Elite Panic After Feds Release Client List Naming Powerful Pedophiles

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VIP elite panic after feds release names of pedophiles

Some of the world’s most powerful people are panicking following news that the client list of an elite pedophile ring is about to be made public.

As The People’s Voice exclusively broke the news earlier this week, several Big Pharma executives, professors, doctors and government officials have been arrested by authorities during an operation targeting a VIP sex trafficking ring. 

Acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Joshua Levy announced the results of the operation and detailed the VIP clients involved in the ring.

“They are doctors, they are lawyers, they’re accountants, they are executives at high-tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, they’re military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists,” Levy told reporters.

“Pick a profession, they’re probably represented in this case.”

News Nettle reports: This commercial sex ring was built on secrecy and exclusivity, catering to wealthy and well-connected clientele,”  Levy said in a news conference in Boston.

The three arrested were named as 30-year-old Junmyung Lee of Dedham, 41-year-old Han Lee of Cambridge, and 68-year-old James Lee of Torrance, California.

All three are charged with conspiracy to coerce and entice to travel to engage in illegal sex activity.

Investigators said clients had to fill out a form with their name, work information, email address, phone number, and a reference before they could book appointments.

Customers were then given a “menu” of options by the traffickers.

“Business is booming, until today,” Levy told reporters, adding that the investigation is far from over.


Despite the arrests of the ring leaders, however, Levy didn’t reveal any further information about the clients.

However, reports are now emerging to suggest that the high-profile client list from the sex trafficking ring is about to be made public by prosecutors.

Many of their names are now in the hands of the Justice Department, the Washington Times is reporting.

“Prosecutors love to go after high-level folks because they can make a name for themselves,” former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani told the outlet.

Special Agent Zachary Mitlitsky, the lead investigator, said he believes there are potentially hundreds of “yet to be identified” customers from different professions.

He made a point of explaining why the Justice Department has not named any of the men — yet.

“I do not do this for purposes of maintaining their anonymity, but instead do so because our investigation into their involvement in prostitution is active and ongoing,” Mitlitsky said.

Criminal justice experts say it’s likely federal prosecutors are working on plea agreements in exchange for cooperation from those they have identified as the trafficking ring’s clients.

Additionally, investigative reporter Paul Sperry has revealed:

“Investigators suspect prostitution ring may have been part of Chinese espionage plot targeting high-tech government contracting centers like Cambridge and Tysons Corner.”

The Justice Department has confirmed that the investigation is “active and ongoing.”

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