President Trump Vows To Protect US Election System From ‘Coordinated Assault & Siege’

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President Trump vowed to protect the US election system from ‘coordinated assault & siege’ during a speech that he said may be the most important he’s ever made….

Claiming that the US electoral system was under attack, President Trump said he would fight to ensure that only legal votes are counted.

He adding that the media had rushed to ‘anoint’ Joe Biden as the winner of what he described as a ‘very strange’ election.

“As president, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States, that is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege,” Trump said as he layed out his case for widespread fraud in the 2020 race


  1. Then he needs to take George Washingtons warnings in his private correspondences , that the greatest threat to American Democracy will come from those who serve Popes or foreign Princes .Obviously England was the most obvious enemy and the Pope is always the Pipe absolutely seriously or he will be surrounded and defeated from every angle possible and particularly by the rule of law Since Obomo betrayed Washington totally and declared the Pope the moral authority for rile of law making any who believe in the rule of law a subject of the Pope , if they are weak willed and a passive trained obedient follower .

    • And Washingtom makes it clear those threats will exist for as long as those figures exist That they will persist in their determination to destroy democracy any and every eay possible By fraudulent tly misrepresenting it ,by legally stripping it if its powers, bu subversive legislations by removing things designed to remove class warfare and inequality by redistributing wealth such ad personal.income tax which was INTENDED to by subverted by legislation so that the wealthy paid nothing or next to nothing and the middle classes paid the most to make them resent its ideoligy and it’s real Intentions All those baby steps they’re taking to destroy democracies intentions and truth.

      • Also ,since everyone knew ,for centuries who the enemy was then the wne.y gas had to very cleverly tey ti hide the fact ,using education and information ,and to disguise the truth and deceive the people using scapegoats of their manufacture to play the role s they create for them They use the traditional enemies Jews and Moslems .And then they use reverse psychology on top “” racism ” is a favourite and every other PERVERSITY the devils advocates can drum up into action to DECEIVE the people with. To deny the truth .

        • And now the un ,with rhe catican as the one world religion as a permanent guest sitter ,gas mysteriously decided that despite all cheistian and jewish history preceding Islam by centuries ,to take the moslems side ,so being totally DIVISIVE and ignoring Solomon’s temole declaring the site Islamist. All to set the jews and moslems against 3ach other and deceive the moslems ,just like the nqzis did that they are their allies Becaise the worst thing would be if the zjewz and moslems aligned together and the best thing is for the more numerous moslems to think the Christian’s are their friends and everything simply everything evil in tbe world is the Jews fault .Again History always repeats because people never learn .Oh and as the Godfather of The Heir to the one world throne Baby Prince George receives from his Godfather ,the Pope a REPLICA of the Serb of Edward the Catholic Cinfessor King of Catholic England WHICH BY RILE OF LAW ,Vatican law of course , allows the owner to take everything from Jews their money their lands their clothes their jewels their hair their teeth their I rentals and their freedom their liberty and their lives .Rhe apipe gave george the replica ,so one assumes he kept the original .And it’s all meant to be a big secret The truth a secret from the people .That’s them Deceivers When you realize then you shall find the truth . And Edward the Confessor was ridiculous He would go on ” pilgrimages ” through England carrying a little container of blood claimed to be that of Jesus .Course it was widely believed that it was just chicken blood in a little bottle and that he was nothing but a fraud .

      • Which was not, income taxes on the wealthy were not INTENDED to be subverted by legislations and backdoor berties building loopholes into the laws .Law is intended to be about its intentions .To be legal it has to fulfil the original intentions otherwise its unlawful .

    • They were probably behind September 11th. Looks like the BBC was because they Reported World Trade #7 Collapsed 1 Hour before it actually Collapsed.. The reporter reported it down with the Building still standing behind her.

  2. He needs to follow up on what JFK started, that is, purging the cia and fbi of the lost, sub-human, morally inferior, goons that inhabit them now. And, while you’re at it, find out what the cia-busers knew about the epstein island ? Why didn’t they do something about it? Oh yea, they were busy participating?

    • They executed JFK , Abraham Lincoln, Attempted Andrew Jackson , Ronald Reagan and the list goes on .. The Evil in our Republic runs deep.

      • Its foreign influences They assassinate McKibley too They did him because he was allies with the Tsar whe sent the entire Russian navy to defend Anerica against a planned invasion by France and England .You probably dont know about that BECAUSE it gives the game away .They assassinated the Tsar too .They killed Kennedy fir tei basic reasons He like lincoln wanted to free America from the englisg bankers and he gave americas Constitution precedence over his religion .They won’t have taught you that because they wont have ever taught you the truth

        • You are correct if any American wants to learn the truth you must dig deep and read continually and learn to discern the truth from the Globalist Propagandist and the rewriting the true history .. Good start is The Light and The Glory.

  3. uss main, lucitainia, pearl harbor, gulf of tonkin, Oklahoma federal building, Uss Liberty, TWA 800, Pan Am 103, 911, Weapons of Mass destruction, Lybia, Russians, Sandy hook, parkland, las vegas, border bar, san bernandino, Covids, stealing our elections, This is what the CIA and FBI does with our tax money

  4. I’ve been listening to Jenner and Rudy and the witnesses talking honestly and sincerely and eirh integrity for the Constitution and I’ve heard the Ryder insulting dismissive sickening responses from many on the panels representing the legislature Filthy insulting comments, rude ignorant smug conceit and pompous arrogance Just revolting ,most of them .And after this morning my entire internet and phone went dead ,totally up until about 2 minutes ago

    • that is very accurate. you rid these people and a lot would be fixed. the central banker owners need to be offed and go a few layers down from there.

      • Trump is no different to all the rest.
        He was supposed to have drained the swamp but alas he also answers to the same bankers.

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