Psychopath Newsom at Wildfire Site: ‘the Debate Is OVER Around Climate Change’

Fact checked
Gov. Gavin Newsom declares the debate about climate change is over

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared Friday that the ongoing wildfires in his state prove that the science surrounding man-made global warming is now officially settled.

“The debate is over around climate change. Just come to the state of California, observe it with your own eyes,” a grinning Newsom told reporters, without evidence, while touring the fire-ravaged North Complex near Oroville. “It’s not an intellectual debate, it’s not even debatable.”

“We’re in the midst of a climate emergency, we’re in the midst of a climate crisis,” Newsom continued.

“We’re experiences weather conditions the likes of which we’ve never experienced in our lifetime. We’re experiencing what so many people predicted decades and decades ago. All of that now is reality.” reports: The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said Thursday that the August Complex Fire has burned 471,185 acres in the Elk Creek and Stonyford area, surpassing the 2018 Mendocino Complex Fire, which burned 459,123 acres.

Six of the largest fires in California’s history have taken place in 2020. Cal Fire said 29 major wildfires are active and more than 3.1 million acres have burned in the state since the beginning of the season.

The National Interagency Fire Center said 102 large fires have burned a combined 4.4 million acres in 12 states in the western United States, resulting in some two dozen deaths in California, Oregon, and Washington.

In California, five people were killed in the LNU Lightning Complex, 10 were killed in the North Complex, and one each was killed in the CZU August Lightning Complex, August Lightning Complex, Tatham Fire, and Hills Fires.


  1. Blow dried airhead Newson seems to be admitting here that he personally started the wildfires or his Democrat agents did it.

    Why else would a Democrat maroon go on TV and declare that man-made wildfires contribute to global warming and they are started by Democrat pinheads like himself?

  2. cut down dead trees, perform controlled burns when it is not dry, and hunt down and prosecute arsonist firebugs

    wow just saved the state about $2B

    • They passed bills 40 years ago to cater to the loons and Sierra Club and friends, that permanently ended Controlled Burns.
      And now here we are with conflagrations.

      The left has cornered STUPID.

      • And kicked out the logging industry out of the state outsourcing lumber production to Canada and China. What happens to the spotted owl population now?

        • The owls moved out and gave it to the environmentalists. Billy Clinton’s 1994 northwest forest plan is showing it’s results today. 25 years of neglect is all it took.

          • God’s design will take over and fix things. If you get in the way you’ll get burned, BIG TIME!

          • Nature is a mean equalizer. Gee, what happened to western forest fires before mans’ fire retardant methods? They simply burned out.

          • What does forest wildfires have to do with a tragic building fire which are very preventable? Remember the Station nightclub and Ghost Ship warehouse fires? Most natural fires are started by lightening.

          • Gee, what happened to western forest fires before mans’ fire retardant methods? They simply burned out.” your quote.

            We were talking about western forest fires, why did you switch to building fires?” On second thought don’t read tinder box.

  3. That’s the standard lib-tard response when they know what they’re trying to sell us is not true and they want no push back.

    • They always ‘alinsky’ the ‘periods’ and ‘overs’ and on and on and on like they have some fucking megaauthority over all (normal) people. Hey! Toothsome! GFY……..

  4. The debate is over…climate change is making Antifa and Jihadists go out and start fires so California can get Federal dollars and push false narratives.

  5. Screw this communist loser and his whole family… just a way for CA to get federal emergency funds. Hilarious watching arson and forest mismanagement being blamed on global warming. No everyone in CA is a sheep

  6. Without purposely sounding crude, this governor thinks the anus is a sex organ. Do you think he has the capability to make sound decisions?

  7. I guess you can’t say Antifa-and-Jihadists are starting_fires on this site…automatically gets removed, which is a bit telling.

  8. arsonists and bad forest management are to blame – doesn’t take a “climate scientist” to figure that out ….. what a time to be alive

  9. So his Antifa Army sets the fires and the debates are over…Ok got it…Time to arrest this moron along with his aunt

  10. It’s a beautiful day here in Cuyama California. Only about 70 degrees at 10:00am, might make 85 later. Actually it’s sliggtly cooler than normal, and got down to 49 last night. Newsom is just a complete moron and doesn’t know squat.

  11. I agree, climate is cyclical and changes as it has for thousands of years, but it’s a little thing up in the sky called a sun that is responsible. It is impossible for humans to affect climate on a global scale even if we wanted to. It is complete arrogance to believe we could.

  12. Newsome also blamed carrots for causing death. “Everyone in California who has ever eaten carrots, has gone on to die!” he bemoaned. “Carrots are now banned, we will all live forever!” he went on. Further, he proclaimed “Everyone from now on must change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside, so we can check.”

  13. Wow! I’ve never seen anyone look so joyous over declaring a global crises.

    All the while, his voter base is currently throwing firecrackers and molotov cocktails into dry brush on the roadside, that doesn’t concern him at all. Not one bit.

  14. Easy. Gavin Newsome is an idiot elected by a plurality of Californians who are like-minde idiots. These Earth-worshiping tree huggers got themselves into this predicament due to abandoning global forest management principles, eliminating fire breaks, and condoning radical leftists that love to start fires to achieve “racial justice.” Newsome will probably get reelected. Maybe he can run for President with Ted Wheeler as his running mate. This would be funny of not so tragic and preventable. These Bolsheviks have transformed California from a paradise into a veritable hellhole. The people who voted for Newsome deserve every bit of this. There should be absolutely zero emergency disaster funding provided by the federal government.

  15. if you can chalk Democrat mental illness and criminality up to climate change, I guess you could say what Newsome did???

  16. what does Newsom do but talk. talk lies, excuses and falsehoods. Same for Gov Brown of Oregon, and Gov Inslee of Washington. the entire left coast is a freak show with fools in charge. it is only logical then that it took fools to vote them into office.

    • The Three Stooges of the Left Coast: Moe Newsom (CA), Larry Brown (OR), Curly Inslee (WA). It seems every day is another episode of stupid.

  17. “Isn’t that convenient?” as the SNL Church Lady used to say. Ya, Gruesome, blame it on climate change so you and your demo blue pals that have screwed up this state never have to take responsibility. Recall Newsom now.

    • If climate change has caused liberals to go insane, only then would I agree with him.

      Humans have control over forest management.

      Humans have absolutely no control over global climate.

  18. The only thing that is clear is that they nabbed 2 people in Oregon and washington for arson and lighting wildfires, as well as a gender reveal party gone wrong.

    They all must be named climate change?

    Do we get to call them clime or climey for short?

    Nice try governor hairdo

  19. You didn’t want to thin out dead timber and clear out the “under-story” in the forests because of things like the owls.

    How are those owls doing now?

    Throw Gov. Nuisance out of office!

  20. You sniveling GD rat. You don’t have a friggin clue about Global Warming. Those fires you dummkopf were started by ANTIFA and a Space Based Lasers as a geo weapon. You shut down our state and then whine about global warming like a three year old. Either you open up our state or get out of our way, because you will soon see that Californians have had enough of your bull shit and may start targeting left leaning psychopathic leftist like you, you moron !!!

  21. What a freaking idiot. Wildfires have been happening for thousands of years and yes, there is proof. If you want to resist nature, cut down dead trees, controlled brush burns, and publicly hang arsonists.

  22. The debate IS over. Climate change/global warming is a hoax. Just like everything else the demonic democrats perpetuate.

    • Dems don’t create industry and jobs… just agendas. And there are enough rich liberal idiots that are willing to pay money for nothing.

  23. Bad Democrats forest management for decades and then blames the fires on climate change. This is typical liberal logic. Rather than correct bad policy, they double down and tries to shut down opposing views.

  24. AGW is junk science. Earth climate has been warming since the end of the last ice age; irrespective of man.

    Mankind has less than 200 years of incomplete temperature measurements on a planet of 4,500,000,000 years of age – that’s statistically insignificant. All other temperature claims are not directly measured but inaccurate “proxies”; basically made-up numbers that are contrary to scientific method.

    Political opinion polls of consensus isn’t science. The media promotion of this manipulated and politically driven junk science is simple FRAUD!

  25. I would rather live in a world in which I can’t answer every question,
    than one in which I can’t question every answer
    .” -Richard Feynman

  26. Climate change was a phony just like you, Newsom. Too bad we don’t have Joe Friday from Dragnet to send the Bunko Squad into your governorship. But we do have RICO. Climate Change is a Racket. Time to end the Racket of Climate Change.

  27. Wotta fucking douche. Looks, and SOUNDS, like he has a dick in his froat…..Asshole….YOU. ARE. NOT. THE. LAST. WORD. on our freedom………..The Sun changes the climate. Period. End of story. Imbeciles like YOU know ZERO about the Sun, though…ZERO.

  28. OBTW How is it a State Hailed As Progressive Hub Of Technological Innovation Can’t Figure Out How To Keep The Lights On?

  29. The socialist foot soldiers of antifa sets the fire, ‘democrat’ newsom blames climate change, the DNC media parrot it.
    Is there any more proof all 3 are working together to destroy the USA.

  30. Newsome is a mentally disturbed lunatic. He has completely lost his marbles. I hope he is recalled so he can be relieved of command. People’s lives are in danger, yet this maniac spews his enviro- nonsense, meanwhile terrorist Progtards are setting his entire State on fire. California is in serious trouble.

    • yes gavin the science is settled, the earth is bouncing around with expected temperature variations related to ocean cooling and heating patterns and solar flares, our direction is cooling as we are in a mini ice age

      yes some parts of the earth will get more rain or less rain due to natural continental (non planetary issues). antarctica use to be jungle and the sahara desert and sw usa deserts were fertile plains. the earth is a changing and evolving place. how many reacts to changes is what makes some civilizations faced with changing local climates succeed and others fail.

      vikings succeed – used warming after a mini-iceage to sail up and down rivers and conquer much of europe. asian nomads succeeded crossing a frozen land bridge during the ice-age to north america.

      and if you are wondering warm weather has proven great for human kind – food production yields are most higher in rising temps vs cooler temps (hence the solar flare tracking over hundreds of years). cali is wasteful with water and overpopulated – so it blames the rest of the world like a spolied brat.

  31. You’re right you idiot! Climate change is real and has been since the beginning of time. But, man wasn’t the cause then and man is not the cause now!

  32. “We’re in the midst of a climate emergency, we’re in the midst of a climate crisis,” Newsom ? Really, how many of these so-called “Wild Fires” are under arson investigation and how many have already been declared arson. Oh, I know, Newsom know defines Arson as “Climate Change”. These politicians and liars have no shame. People are dying and all they can think of let’s take advantage of the ‘dead bodies’.

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